Lisa Crawford

Founder, CEO and Global Luxury Travel Advisor

With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment and travel industry, Lisa Crawford has built extraordinary global relationships. Lucky enough to be given the opportunity to travel at a young age with her family, she developed a passion for travel.  Years later her passion has become key to her long and successful career as a provider to high-end, luxury clientele worldwide in search of rare journeys and VIP experiences. 

With little downtime, she still manages to continue traveling the world over with her husband Ken and daughter Alexie who is now carrying the torch in her role to become a millennial magnet! 

Her expertise is unrivaled and it shows in her distinct appreciation for exceptional service and hospitality. Constantly in search ways to enhance her client’s ultra-luxury experiences and instilling in her staff “the power of relationship building and nurturing these relationships and by providing the highest level of attention to detail and 24/7 service, it is no wonder that she has become one of the most sought after Ultra-Luxury Concierges in the industry.

Lisa enjoys spending time with her family, spinning on her Peloton, working out, meditating, jogging on the beach, golfing, dining, and enjoying each day welcoming the challenges that life has to offer.  Lisa was recently voted one of the 100 Outstanding Women of Broward County.

Lisa Crawford

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lisa crawford
Lisa Crawford

Luxury Travel Advisor, Founder, and CEO

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