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Enjoy your Luxury Travel Package to Italy by visiting Rome, Ischia, Pompeii, The Amalfi Coast, Sorrento and Positano

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What's Included in your Luxury Travel Package to Italy

  • 2-Nights Accommodation in Rome, Italy
  • 2-Nights Accommodation in Ischia, Italy
  • 2-Nights Accommodation in Sorrento or Positano, Italy
  • 1-Nights Accommodation in Rome, Italy (option)
  • Internal Car and Ferry Transportation
  • Tours and Attractions
  • 24/7/365 Support from your Travel Designer and our Team
  • All Journeys Customized to Your Wishes

Your Luxury Travel Package to Italy Itinerary

Day 1-2 Rome, Italy


Welcome to the “wonderful world of Mellini”, where every detail has been carefully put in place and where guests are surrounded by works of modern art made by artists from the Italian and Roman schools.

A residence was chosen by international tourists, industrial leaders, fashion designers, Italian and foreign film stars, and many famous TV personalities.

In the heart of Rome, located on the right bank of the Tiber River, on a quiet and peaceful street between the Spanish Steps (a 13 min. walk) and St. Peter’s Basilica (a 15 min. walk), Hotel Dei Mellini is the ideal starting point from which to explore the marvels of the ‘Eternal City’ and visit the center of commerce and business.

Journey to Italy


The Hotel Artemide is located in the historic center of Rome, precisely via Nazionale, one of the liveliest streets of the capital. Shops, boutiques, cafes, theaters, art galleries, and clubs – nothing will be too far away for you!

They say that our rooms and suites are comfortable and elegant, quiet and impeccable. But above all, they say that they make you feel right at home.

Returning to the hotel after a day of exploring Rome has never been so pleasurable



  • Private Rome Tour – Colosseum and City Highlights – with Skip the line tickets

Meet your driver in the lobby of your hotel and head to the Colosseum (Guided Tour and skip the line entrance.)  

After admiring the impeccably preserved Arch of Constantine, you will move on to the Coliseum. The grandest amphitheater in the world will amaze you! You will walk in the footsteps of Roman Emperors through the Roman Forum. Thanks to your guide’s explanations, you will be able to imagine their triumphal processions and public speeches.

The Arch of Titus will be the perfect introduction to the panoramic hill of The Palatine. The ancient legend says that Romulus founded Rome on this hill in 753 B.C. Following his actions, the Emperors built here their opulent homes. After this complete Ancient Rome tour, you will fully understand Ancient Roman life.


    • Trevi Fountain is a secretive masterpiece, and perhaps the most spectacular fountain in Rome. Built at the end of one of the famed aqueducts that supplied the Roman empire with water, this iconic setting attracts many visitors. Toss a coin into its waters to ensure a safe return to Rome at some stage in the future.
    • Spanish Steps You will proceed to the Spanish Steps, one of the biggest tourist spots in the city. As you stand and admire the Church of Trinitàdei Monti, which sits at the top of a famous stairwell with the Fontana Della Barcaccia at its foot, you will wonder how they were ever able to complete it.
    • Pantheon A true masterpiece to admire on your tour of Rome: The Pantheon. Immaculately preserved and seemingly just a few centuries old, it isn’t easy to believe that the structure was finished in AD 128 by Emperor Hadrian. In the square in front – a gathering place for locals – discover a decorative 16th-century fountain sitting beneath the Egyptian obelisk. 
    • Piazza Navona No trip to Rome is complete without a visit to the Piazza Navona, one of the largest squares in the city. The space is incredibly popular among tourists for one primary reason: Bernini’s “Fountain of the Four Rivers.” Built to represent The Nile, The Ganges, The Danube, and Rio de la Plata, the structure now sits amidst the artists who arrive to peddle their wares on a daily basis.
  • VIP Pristine Sistine Vatican Tour with Museum Breakfast (Skip the Line Access)

    • Enter the Vatican an hour before the general-entry crowds and enjoy a peaceful visit to the Sistine Chapel
    • Savor a buffet breakfast in the Pinecone Courtyard
    • Take a full Vatican Museums tour with skip-the-line access
    • View St. Peter’s Dome from the Vatican Museum Terrace
    • Explore the Vatican Museums with an expert guide

Your VIP Sistine Vatican with Breakfast Tour starts early in order to be among the first to enter the Vatican – before the area even opens to the general public. On this tour, your day will begin with a very special experience: a visit to the Raphael Rooms and then the Sistine Chapel. 

Following your Sistine Chapel visit, your small group will make its way to the Pinecone Courtyard for a breakfast buffet. Relax with a coffee and take time to soak up the ambiance of our peaceful surroundings before you’re whisked away for a full tour of the Vatican Museums.

During this part of the tour, you’ll stop off at all the Museums’ highlights you passed earlier and a few extras including the Belvedere Courtyard, where you’ll find classical Greek and Roman works. 


    • Sistine Chapel
    • Vatican Museum Terrace with views of St. Peter’s Dome
    • Raphael Rooms
    • Belvedere Courtyard
    • Pinecone Courtyard
    • Gallery of the Candelabra
    • Gallery of the Maps
    • Gallery of the Tapestries
  • Shared Hands-on Pizza and Gelato

Today you will learn to make two of Italy’s most iconic creations. We’ll let you in on the secrets to both including that age-old question: what is the difference between gelato and ice cream?

You’ll cook up a storm either in a 17th-century palazzo behind Piazza Navona or a new cooking school a stone’s throw from the Pantheon. Your chef and host will make you feel at home by serving you local wine, prosecco, and snacks upon your arrival. Then the fun begins. With your English-speaking Italian chef, you will learn the techniques of kneading the all-important pizza dough, as Italians have been doing for two centuries. 

Start with the preparation of the dough, which will need some time to be ready. After it has risen you will be able to prepare your pizza by choosing amongst a variety of fresh ingredients such as salty Italian prosciutto or wonderfully fruity black olives. Decide if you want to keep things simple ‘Bianca’ without sauce, or add a rich tomato sauce for a pizza ‘Rosso’.

You will also learn how to prepare the perfect gelato. Gelato shops in Rome are amongst the best ones in the world.  Learn the secrets that made the fortune of this beautiful dessert. Once you go back home you will be able to live again all the beautiful sensations you felt here in Rome while you were having a walk near the Colosseum tasting fresh and sweet gelato.

Day 3-4 Ischia, Italy


San Montano Resort & Spa is the 5-star hotel in Ischia overlooking the sea of ​​the Bay of San Montano and the Gulf of Naples, surrounded by three hectares of park, in the heart of a wonderful Mediterranean garden. The hidden inlets and coves, the rural charm of nature, the thrill of admiring the sunrise with a view of Vesuvius, the melodies of the piano while sipping a cool “Lemontano”, waiting for a fiery red sunset to illuminate the Pontine islands in the distance. All this makes a holiday in Ischia unique.



  • Ischia Private Tour with a Local Guide & Driver

Meet your guide in the lobby of your hotel. Ischia is said to be the only place in the world that rejuvenates you only by breathing its air is Ischia, thanks to its natural hot springs and thermal baths all around the island. 

With your guide, you’ll admire these natural beauties then head to Ischia Ponte, where you can see Ischia’s landmark, the Aragonese Castle. 

At Mount Epomeo you’ll stop by Barano d’Ischia and Serrara Fontana and in Forio and admire the church of Soccorso and the medieval tower Torrione. 

Next, you will go to Lacco Ameno and don’t forget to look out the sea at the mushroom-shaped rock sculpted by the sea. Your last stop will be Casamicciola Terme where you can enjoy some leisure time here and maybe a gelato. 

  • Boat tour of the island of Ischia

Meet your skipper and board a beautiful gozzi, the typical wooden fishing boat characteristic of the southern Italian tradition. You will be amazed as you pass most of the most evocative places, the pristine ravines with crystal clear water, and the bays with breathtaking views. Unforgettable places that have made the history of our island and painted the indelible natural beauty of our coasts with indelible strokes. 

It is a spectacular tour of our Isolaverde by sea, an unforgettable day.

Sorrento Italy Hotels

Day 5-6 Sorrento & Positano, Italy


The 5-star Hotel Belair stands on the costa delle Sirene (Syren Coast) in one of its most scenic corners. The entire bay of Naples, the Vesuvius, and Sorrento open up to the eyes of our guests who from the terraces, rooms, and suites, all sea views, can admire one of the most unique sceneries in the world.

Nestled in the living rock that slightly leans towards the sea, our hotel gives its guests the extraordinary experience of enjoying their holiday lulled by a marvelous soundtrack, the captivating song of the sea of Syrens, a seductive invitation to delights never experienced before.

Amalfi Coast Vacation


In the heart of the Amalfi Coast, Le Agavi is the first hotel you come to in Positano. A enchanting place, where the sea blends into the sky. A place of infinite beauty.

When you stay at our exclusive 5-star hotel we’ll treat you to the vacation you’ve been dreaming about. Private beach, superb location, services just for you. And it’s all real.



  • Private Sorrento or Positano Walking Tour with Tasting

Meet your private guide to grasp the true essence of Sorrento or Positano. You will skirt lemon groves to a terrace overlooking the sea. You will reach the main square, dedicated to the poet Tasso, to admire one of the most photographed abandoned places in the world: the “Vallone Dei Mulini”. 

Then enter the alleys of the historic center, discovering its most important monuments including the cathedral, the “Sedil Dominova” and the cloister of Saint Francis. 

After having admired the typical “postcard” on the Gulf of Naples, your tour continues to the ancient fishing village of Marina Grande. The timeless atmosphere and the pastel colors of this suggestive place will be the right conclusion to the visit to Sorrento. Sorrento, you arrive as a tourist and leave as one of the family.

Or in Positano

Positano is a picturesque village on the coast of Amalfi. It’s a well-known steep-sloped holiday destination with a pebbled beachfront and Moorish-style architecture. Admire the 13th-century Byzantine icon of the Virgin Mary, the Church of Saint Mary of the Assumption. 

Explore the narrow streets lined up with cafes and boutiques, lots of ceramic shops, handmade shoes, and sandals along with galleries featuring the work of local artists.

  • Lemon Tour in the Garden with a Guided Oil and Cheese Tour

Along with chef Fiore of the Restaurant Le Bontà del Capo, you will enjoy a guided tour of his lemon garden, followed by a demonstration of how to make the lemon liqueur, a tasting, and finally a lunch on the panoramic terrace of the restaurant. In the afternoon you will have a guided tour of the vineyards overlooking the sea.

The program:

You arrive at the Restaurant La Bontà del Capo and you are welcomed by chef Fiore. He will accompany you in the garden of about 60/70 steps, where he will explain in English the story of this magnificent yellow fruit. You will get the fruits with him, you will go to the restaurant, where you will attend a practical demonstration on the preparation of the famous liquor.

Chef Fiore will prepare you a nice appetizer followed by an apple of carpaccio of octopus with citrus fruits of the coast, then a duvet of ricotta ravioli and lemon and ravioli of clam fish, then a second of baked fish with lemon potatoes then a dessert of choice between lemon delicacy or lemon sorbet, made in the lemon itself and finally the magic limoncello prepared previously. The lunch includes home wine and water.

  • Private Night Tour of the Amalfi Coast

It’s a late night of beauty as you enjoy the Amalfi Coast by night.  Meet your guide in the lobby of your hotel.

The first stop is Ravello where you will have free time to explore. You will be walking through a rural medieval village which is perched on the top of the cliff (1000 feet above the sea) situated above Amalfi and Minori. Visit the most famous and ancient villas – You’ll enjoy dinner.

Next up is  Amalfi – another opportunity to have free time to explore the ancient “Marine Republic” (or the Republic of the Sea). Visit the 11th-century Cathedral of Saint Andrew with amazing gold and bright decorations, and walk around the labyrinth of tiny alleys where you can shop.

  • Skip the Line Private tour of Pompeii 

Meet your guide and you will visit the whole ancient city of Pompeii and how ancient Romans used to spend their days, how they used to have fun, which were the most important economical, political and religious activities of that period.

Your guide will take you on an unforgettable journey back in time to the Ancient Roman Empire when the city of Pompeii was thriving!

You’ll experience the acoustic perfection of the Ancient Theatres. Live again the domestic life in the amazing Menandro House, which is unique in the world for its size and richness of decorations.

Your itinerary continues along the main streets of trade and reaches the Pleasure Houses, where sexual services were offered to foreign merchants and locals. You will visit the central square, the Forum, with its shops and temples, enter the thermal baths, the Ancient bars, and restaurants, and discover colorful mosaics and frescoes.

After the tour, you have the option to enjoy a typical Italian lunch on a typical Italian farm located inside the National Park of Vesuvius and overlooking the enchanting Gulf of Naples.

This area is famous for its viticultural and olive production. The menu includes a taste of five different wines, including “apricot grappa“, Italian grilled bread, spaghetti with fresh tomato, and a dessert. 

Travel Package to Italy 2

Day 7 Rome, Italy (or, leave from Naples, Italy)


At the heart of the Oasi di Porto natural park just outside Rome, you can experience a relaxing, genuine journey through time among the aromatic rose gardens and under the shade of centuries-old trees. Close your eyes and picture yourself in a magical place where the energy of the classical elements come together, instilling you with a natural sense of inner harmony and recreating an emotional connection with the world around you.

Return home with Memories that Last a Lifetime

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