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Culinary Adventures in Sicily

Sicily is a treasure trove of natural beauty and cultural richness. From its picturesque coastlines and majestic mountains to its ancient ruins and delectable cuisine, Sicily offers an unforgettable experience for travelers.

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What's Included in your Travel Package to Sicily

  • 4-Nights Accommodation in Palermo, Sicily, Italy
  • 5-Nights Accommodation in Siracusa, Sicily, Italy
  • 4-Nights Accommodation in Taormina, Sicily, Italy
  • Restaurant Reservations in Each Location
  • Private Transfers
  • Experiences as noted in the Itinerary
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Your Itinerary to Sicily


Day 1-4 Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Palermo, Italy, is a captivating destination that offers a myriad of reasons to visit. First and foremost, the city’s historical and cultural significance is truly remarkable. With its rich tapestry of civilizations that have left their mark over centuries, Palermo boasts a diverse architectural landscape. From the awe-inspiring Norman Palace and its stunning Cappella Palatina to the intricate mosaics of the Palermo Cathedral, you’ll be immersed in a journey through time. The city’s palaces and palazzos, such as the Palazzo Abatellis, provide a glimpse into its aristocratic past, displaying magnificent art collections from different eras.

Secondly, Palermo’s culinary scene is a delight for food enthusiasts. Sicilian cuisine is renowned worldwide, and Palermo offers a delectable array of flavors to savor. Explore the vibrant street markets like Ballarò, Vucciria, and Capo, where you can indulge in Sicilian street food and traditional delicacies. From the beloved arancini and panelle to mouthwatering cannoli, your taste buds will be treated to a symphony of flavors. In addition, Palermo’s restaurants serve up exquisite seafood dishes and a variety of Mediterranean-inspired creations. Immerse yourself in the gastronomic wonders of the city and experience the unique fusion of Sicilian culinary traditions.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Grand Hotel Villa Igiea Palermo

A Fabled 19th Century Palazzo

Discover history, majesty and serenity at Villa Igiea: a turn-of-the-century palazzo at the perimeter of vivid Palermo, the foot of Mount Pellegrino and the Gulf of Palermo. A long-loved seaside-meets-city sanctuary for royalty, dignitaries and Hollywood luminaries, trace their paths through tiered villa gardens that sweep down to the port and out to the Tyrrhenian Sea; on excursions to Palermo’s bustling markets, Baroque palaces and ancient sites, or yacht trips along its picturesque coast; and through Villa Igiea’s Italian restaurants, atmospheric bars and palatial Art Nouveau interior, revitalised as a Rocco Forte hotel.

Activities in Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Full Day Monreale and Palermo with Jewish tour with guide and driver

Departe for Monreale for a guided visit to the Dome, a wonderful example of the Arab-Norman art and architecture. Launched in 1174 by William II, the Dome represents scenes from the Old and New Testaments all in golden mosaics. 

Later back to Palermo and start your walking tour of the city center by seeing “four corners” that converge Palermo at a quartet of baroque palaces left over from the heyday of Spanish rule dating from 1560, Piazza Pretoria and Via Maqueda. Enjoy a street food tasting.

Continue to Steri Castle: a paradigmatic place of the history of Palermo and Sicily. This fortified palace was the ancient mansion of Chiaramonte, a local aristocratic family that influenced the history of Sicily during the 13th and 14th centuries. It then became the site of the Holy Inquisition and, nowadays, it’s possible visiting the prisons, witness of its bloody history. 

Then, tour the Jewish Giudecca: there are many protagonists in the long millennia of the history of Palermo, including the Jews. Around the year 1000, just outside the southern walls and on the banks of the river Kemonia, the Jews built their suburb, the Hârat ‘al Yahûd – the district of Jews. They lived there until 1492, the year of their historical expulsion. The Giudecca was divided in two quarters: the Mesquita and the Guzzetta. The building of the streets called Maqueda and Roma, between the 16th and the 19th century, caused the demolition of the Giudecca: a labyrinth of alleys, squares, orchards and gardens, of which visible traces still remain. 

Marsala: Olive Oil, Salt and Wine tour & Erice from Palermo

You will travel along the Salt Way Road and through the Nature Reserve of the Stagnone (that literally means large pool). Since this large lagoon has shallow and very salty water, it is the ideal place for saltworks. Be fascinated by this unusual landscape: panels of mirror-like water, held by thin strips of earth and white windmills. Beyond the saltworks stand out some islands:

  • Mothia, once joined to the mainland by a paved road 
  • Isola Longa (Long Island) encloses the lagoon. The sea salt, in the tradition of this part of Sicily, is obtained by the evaporation of the sea water, through a simple but functional method of “handmade fractional distillation”, that allows to highlight the positive qualities and at the same time eliminate unwanted compounds such as calcium sulphate or gypsum. The region of Marsala is always known for its fine grapes. Marsala can be dry or sweet. While the city’s natives sometimes drink “vintage” Marsala, the wine produced for export is universally fortified similar to Port, Madeira and Sherry. Originally, this addition of alcohol was to ensure that it would last on long ocean voyages, but now it is made that way because of its popularity in foreign markets. 
  • You will visit a local winery and enjoy wine and olive oil tasting and light lunch. 
  • In the afternoon you will head to  Erice uptown. The Elymians settled the medieval town of Erice, which was an important religious site associated with the goddess Venus. Wander through its ancient streets and visit some of the famous homemade pastry shops—world-famous for marzipan candies and other delicacies like almond and pistachio pastries. A short  friendly walk along the city centre with stop at local pastry shop to taste some Sicilian local sweets before returning to your hotel.

Theatrical Night at Teatro Massimo & a 3-Course Dinner

Tonight will be an unforgettable evening at Teatro Massimo, Italy’s largest opera house.  Take in the drama of an opera or live performance in a theatre designed to look like a classic Greek Temple. Travel through time to the peak of the Belle Époque in Palermo, where the Florio family’s most distinguished guests would have dined in this original Louis XVI hall. 

The Story of FlorioConstructed in 1900 at the height of the Belle Époque, the influential Florio family transformed Villa Igiea from a private palazzo into one of the most luxurious hotels in Sicily. Once considered the most famous retreat in Sicily, Villa Igiea has been a symbol of elegance and hospitality that has seen artists, Hollywood elite, and royalty pass through its doors.

Florio Restaurant’s decadent interiors pay homage to the Belle Époque era’s elegance with a restrained colour scheme and soaring floor-to-ceiling windows, which bathe the space in a soft natural light and reveal magnificent views of the Tyrrhenian Sea recalling the golden age, here the Florio family’s most distinguished guests would have dined in this original Louis XVI hall.

Cefalù and Castelbuono with Lunch at Winery

Meet your guide in the lobby of your hotel. After a 1 hour scenic sea view drive you will reach Castelbuono, a charming locality in an attractive wooded location at 500 mt. above sea level, that belongs to the protected reserve “Madonie Mountains Park”. Castelbuono (literally “good castle”) has vestiges of medieval architecture. Visit the village and stop at one of the typical bars to taste a pastry made with Sicilian “manna”.

  • Enjoy a lunch with wine tasting at local winery.

Then travel to Cefalù, a gorgeoius town located on the northern coast of Sicily and one of the major tourist attractions in the region. Built on a promontory dominated by a sheer cliff, Cefalù, still keeping its ancient print, has grown around the Cathedral by Ruggero II. The Cathedral, began in 1131, is one of the most interesting medieval monuments of the island and boasts outstanding mosaics and a wonderful cloister. A large part of the town is pedestrian. Stroll through the medieval narrow street and admire the picturesque houses on the sea and the long beach of finest sand.

Culinary Adventures in Palermo


Day 5-9 Siracusa, Sicily, Italy

Siracusa, Italy, is a captivating city that boasts a rich historical heritage and stunning natural beauty. Located on the southeastern coast of Sicily, Siracusa was once a powerful Greek city-state and a center of culture and learning. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site that attracts visitors from around the world. The city’s main highlight is the archaeological park of Neapolis, where you can explore the ancient Greek Theater, the Roman Amphitheater, and the picturesque Ear of Dionysius cave. The island of Ortigia, the historical center of Siracusa, is a charming labyrinth of narrow streets, beautiful Baroque architecture, and quaint piazzas. Strolling through its streets, you’ll come across landmarks like the Duomo, a magnificent cathedral built on the site of an ancient Greek temple, and the Fountain of Arethusa, a natural spring surrounded by lush vegetation. With its historical significance and architectural wonders, Siracusa offers a captivating glimpse into Sicily’s ancient past.

In addition to its rich history, Siracusa also boasts breathtaking natural beauty. The city is blessed with stunning coastal landscapes and crystal-clear waters. The nearby beaches of Fontane Bianche and Arenella offer pristine stretches of sand where you can relax and soak up the sun. For nature lovers, the Vendicari Nature Reserve is a must-visit, with its diverse ecosystem, marshes, and lagoons that attract numerous bird species. You can also explore the stunning sea caves along the coast, such as the Grotta dei Cordari and the Grotta del Ninfeo. Whether you’re interested in history, architecture, or natural beauty, Siracusa offers a delightful blend of attractions that will leave you mesmerized.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Des Etrangers Et Miramare Hotel Siracusa

Timeless Elegance in Ortigia-Set in heart of Ortigia, Grand Hotel Des Étrangers is an art deco icon and byword for understated elegance. There are many 5-star hotels in Sicily but nowhere quite like Grand Hotel Des Étrangers.

Des Etrangers Grand Hotel is located in the very heart of the authentic Ortigia Island. It is a unique jewel in luxury hospitality of Syracuse, which offers an enchanting context of art, culture and urban regeneration. The restoration project envolved an historical nineteenth century Palace which has kept the most authentic sides of the building by maintaining the original characteristics. The Hotel therefore reveals the perfect balance between tradition and modernity. Each space is different, but everywhere there is a sense of peace and luxury– and quality is key.

Activities in Siracusa, Sicily, Italy

Private Siracusa with a Jewish Tour

First stop is the Archaeological Park: This archeological site contains the most complete Greek Theater existing from antiquity and it covers 24,000 square metres in a naturalistic area on the outskirts of Syracuse. A place dedicated to lovers of Greek history, who can take a long walk immersed in the remains of this ancient civilization. The masterpieces of the past present in the Neapolis Park are many. In fact, this is one of the largest archaeological areas in the Mediterranean and one of the most beautiful and best preserved in all of Sicily. 

Next, transfer back to Ortigia and enjoy a taste of Syracusa: Walk along the the small Baroque island of Ortigia, the historic center of Syracuse, is widely considered one of the most beautiful destinations in Sicily. Inhabited for over 3,000 years and renowned for its Greek heritage, it is a UNESCO landmark for its “remarkable testimony of the Mediterranean cultures over the centuries”and makes for a perfect escape in any season. Dotted with impressive church facades, outdoor restaurants, elegant piazzas and surrounded by a crystalline sea, Ortigia is more manicured than Catania, less overrun that Taormina and as delicious as Palermo. 

During the walking tour, you’ll see also the Jewish Giudecca and Mikwe: Syracuse was one of the first cities in eastern Sicily to welcome Jews. The situation changed in late 1492 when all of the Sicilian Jews were forced to leave the island after the long coexistence. Sicily boasted one of the largest concentrations of Jews in the Diaspora. The Giudecca (Jewish quarter) was in the island of Ortigia. All left because of the expulsion of 1492. The Giudecca (the Jewish quarter) is a quadrilateral area bordered to the west by Via della Giudecca, to the south by Via Larga, by the sea to the east, and criss-crossed by parallel streets: Via dell’Olivo, Vicolos I II, III and IV Giudecca, Vicolo dell’Arco and Via Minniti. It has retained the same network of streets ever since: low-rise buildings with one or two stories at most, the hospital, the Mikwe, the Synagogue (where the church of San Giovanni Battista now stands), known by the Arab name meschita. At the end of the tour, independent transfer to your hotel. 

Tour of Noto and Marzamemi 

Meet your guide/driver in the lobby of our hotel and head to  “Val di Noto” .  Badly damaged in 1693 by a strong earthquake and largely rebuilt in Sicilian Baroque style. Noto is the town symbol of Baroque style and indeed it gives the name to the “Late Baroque Towns of the Val di Noto” UNESCO World Heritage site. Walking through the center of Noto you can admire Baroque churches, including the amazing Cathedral and palaces with pompous balconies with wrought iron railings and cherubs, lions, sirens and grotesque figures that decorate the facing. Noto is called the “Garden of Stone” because of its typical honey-colored stone. The main street is pedestrian and very pleasant to walk. 

The visit of Noto is independent. A few kilometers away, directly overlooking the sea, a fisherman village of Marzamemi will captivate you. The village extends around the harbour and it is characterized by narrow streets and little stone houses with roof tiles and colored windows, while a large square is the center of the town. Once fishermen were used to practice tuna fishing and today the Tonnara is still well visible.

Enjoy a nice walk in the old town, full of characteristic restaurants that animate the square, surrounded by the ocean and the breeze. At the end of the tour you will be driven back to your hotel. 

Tour of Ragusa and Modica

Today you are greeted at Siracusa hotel and departure to the “Late Baroque Towns of the Val di Noto”.

  • Modica is an old Baroque town worldwide known for its tasty chocolate. Here chocolate is still made the same way the ancient Aztecs made chocolate in Mexico and its tradition dates back to the 16th century. The technique was brought over by the Spaniards who in turn learned about it in what is now Mexico. Enjoy a chocolate and  wine pairing experience in one of the oldest confectionary shop in Sicily. 
  • Ragusa Ibla, constructed on an isolated spur, is one of the most fascinating towns in Sicily. After the terrible earthquake was rebuilt in two different sites: the upper part has its fair share of architectural delights, but it is the smaller Ragusa Ibla down below that really draws visitors. Whether you approach it from Modica to the south or from Ragusa Superiore, the sight of the jumble of houses, churches and civic palazzi piled on top of each other, clinging to the walls of the gorge, is really quite breathtaking. At the end of the tour return to Siracusa. 

Siracusa at leisure and a Sunset Sailing Experience

Reach the port of Ortygia on your own and start your Siracusa Sailing Experience. Get on board of the sailing boat in company of an expert Skipper. The ship is a private experience along the coast of Syracuse enjoying the view of Ortygia from the sea and the crystal clear waters of Plemmirio.  

Plemmirio is a marine protected area with an extraordinary submerged seabed very rich in any marine species populating the Mediterranean. Swim or snorkel in this nature reserve and breathe the sea breeze, while admiring the beautiful coasts of eastern Sicily. On board you will find beach towels and equipping for snorkeling. 

Listen to the ancient stories of this Greek harbor while sailing around the Ortygia Island. If you want to learn the secrets of sailing, our Skipper will explain you everything you want to know. Enjoy the ritual of the aperitif on board: a delicious tasting of food and wines made by local farmers and producers. At the end of the tour bak to Ortygia docking pier. Independent transfer back to your hotel. 

Culinary Adventures in Siracusa


Day 10-14 Taormina, Sicily, Italy

Taormina, Italy, is a picturesque town located on the east coast of Sicily, known for its breathtaking views, ancient ruins, and vibrant atmosphere. Perched high on a hill, Taormina offers panoramic vistas of the sparkling Ionian Sea and the majestic Mount Etna, Europe’s tallest active volcano. The town’s most iconic landmark is the ancient Greek Theater, which dates back to the 3rd century BC. This remarkably preserved amphitheater hosts various cultural events and concerts, allowing visitors to experience performances against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty. Taormina’s medieval streets are lined with charming shops, boutiques, and cafes, offering a perfect blend of history, culture, and relaxation.

In addition to its historical significance, Taormina boasts beautiful beaches that attract sun-seekers from around the world. The nearby Isola Bella is a small island nature reserve, connected to the mainland by a thin strip of sand. With crystal-clear waters and picturesque surroundings, it is a haven for swimming and snorkeling. The beaches of Mazzarò and Letojanni are also popular choices, offering soft sands and a range of water activities. Taormina’s lively atmosphere is complemented by its vibrant nightlife scene, with numerous bars, restaurants, and clubs that cater to a variety of tastes. Whether you’re exploring ancient ruins, lounging on the beach, or indulging in the town’s culinary delights, Taormina offers a truly captivating experience that will leave a lasting impression.

ACCOMMODATIONS: San Domenico Palace, a Four Seasons Hotel 

Perched on a rocky promontory high above the Ionian Sea, the iconic San Domenico Palace welcomes you to a 14th-century convent reimagined. Swim in our clifftop infinity pool, stroll in magnificent Italian gardens, soak in the history, savour Michelin-starred dining and escape into a Four Seasons world of timeless beauty. Framed by the dramatic landscapes of Sicily’s east coast, San Domenico Palace offers a magnificent setting overlooking Mount Etna, the Ionian Sea and the Greek theatre. Just off Taormina’s main street, the Corso Umberto, our Hotel is an easy walk to the charming shops and restaurants of the old town. This is the perfect home base for exploring eastern Sicily’s most famous attractions, including the historical cities of Modica, Noto and Siracusa, and the tiny, fascinating island of Ortigia.

Activities in Taormina, Sicily, Italy

Etna South Side and Winery from Taormina

Today you are greeted at Taormina and driven to the Etna Natural Park-South Side (Rifugio Sapienza), a beautiful Volcano rich in sounds, perfumes, and colors. On arrival, those interested in experiencing the Etna craters will have the opportunity to explore independently the Silvestri Craters. You will have the opportunity to ascent to the highest elevation (up to 2800 meters) by Cable car and 4×4 vehicles (weather and volcanic conditions permitting – tickets to be paid on the spot) to experience the lava fields and incredible landscape view from Europe’s highest and most active volcano.

Then enjoy lunch at local winery with winetasting. Later back to Taormina.

Small Group Taormina Cooking Class with Lunch Included

To Start the Taormina Cooking Class, this morning private transfer to the meeting point at Porta Messina (centrally located) in Taormina to meet the Chef. A brief walk takes youto the local Market where we’ll purchase fresh fruit, vegetables and all the ingredients necessary for the cooking course.

Then you will go to the House andl start cooking. At the end of the cooking course, enjoy your scrumptious creations with the perfect compliment—a beautifully paired Sicilian wine. Dessert follows accompanied by a typical local Dessert wine. BUON APPETITO! Transfer back to your hotel. The balance of the day is at leisure.

Godfather Tour

During “The Godfather” tour, you will walk along the authentic picturesque streets of Savoca and Forza d’Agro remained unchanged since the movie was made, visit ancient churches, famous Bar Vitelli where Michael Corleone asked Apollonia’s father her hand in marriage, church where they married, and other movie locations. Optionally, you may taste perfect local Sicilian wines and locally produced food sitting at a terrace with panoramic view of Savoca, mountains, the Mediterranean coast and surrounding countryside at a family-owned restaurant.

First stop is Savoca, an unspoilt medieval town that near Taormina that acted as stand-in for Corleone where Michael was hiding out during the “going to the mattresses” time. Here you will visit Bar Vitelli that looks exactly the way it did in the movie, and see the exact spot where Al Pacino informed Apollonia’s father that his name was Michael Corleone, and that “there are people who’d pay a lot of money for that information, but then your daughter would lose a father instead of gaining a husband”. Here you can take pictures with an authentic Sicilian shotgun “Lupara”, see pictures from the movie and a mirror monument for Coppola, enjoy panoramic view of the Mediterranean opening from the square where the wedding ceremony scene was shot, purchase The Godfather souvenirs, and – “leave the gun, take the cannoli” – taste original Sicilian cannoli and lemon granita at Bar Vitelli.

Then you will walk to an ancient church of Santa Lucia, where Michael and Apollonia were married kneeling in the doorway. Then follow the same path down the hill that the newlyweds did, and visit another old church dating back to the 13th century. Walking along the fabulous streets of Savoca, on a good day you can also meet some actors – for example a lady who played Apollonia’s mother and who still lives in Savoca.

Later, optionally you can visit a family-owned restaurant and at a terrace with romantic sea view taste local Sicilian wines with traditional food (locally produced cheeses, salami, prosciutto, caponata, olives, extra virgin olive oil, fresh home-made bread, home made lemon granita – everything is prepared with organic ingredients of local origin – “km0”!).

The tour will continue in Forza d’Agro, another stunning hilltop town with a “Godfather” connection. You will walk the abandoned streets (“Where have all men gone?” – “They’re dead from vendettas”), explore the historic square and see the pictures from the movie, visit ancient churches, see the piazza where young Vito Andolini (later Vito Corleone) escaped Don Ciccio’s men by hiding in a basket on a donkey’s back, walk up to see the remains of a 12th century Norman castle, admire delightful panoramic view of the Ionian coastline, and get a flavor of the Sicilian pastoral lifestyle remained unchanged since ancient times.

Culinary Adventures in Taormina

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