Italian Honeymoon Travel Package

This romantic Italian Honeymoon travel package includes stops in Rome Capri, Florence Tuscany, Forte dei Marme, Modena, Varenna, Bellagio and Lake Como.

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What's Included in your Italian Honeymoon Travel Package

  • 3-Nights Accommodation in Rome, Italy
  • 2-Nights Accommodation in Capri, Italy
  • 5-Nights Accommodation in Florence, Italy
  • 1-Nights Accommodation in Modena, Italy
  • 2-Nights Accommodation in Varenna on Lake Como, Italy
  • Car, Rail and Ferry Transportation Services
  • Tours and Attractions as noted in the Itinerary
  • 24/7/365 Support from your Travel Designer and our Team
  • All Journeys Customized to Your Wishes

Your Italian Honeymoon Itinerary

Day 1-3 Rome, Italy


Hotel Artemide

Hotel Artemide is situated in the historic centre of Romein Via Nazionale, one of the most vibrant streets of the capital. Shops, boutiques, cafés, theatres, art galleries and bars: nothing is too far away for you! One of our guests wrote, “it is the finer touches that make a great hotel”.

Well, there is no better way to describe the Hotel Artemide in Rome.

Because here it is not the 4 stars that make the difference, nor the high-quality services. It is the staff that knows how to give meaning to the word hospitality. Our personnel are like that; they understand that when they welcome you at the reception desk, when you cross paths in the corridor or when they simply smile at you.

Of course we aren’t perfect, but we will do everything to render your holiday in Rome perfect


  • Small Group Twilight Trastevere Rome Food Tour

Discover Trastevere, Rome’s most vibrant and creative neighborhood and the city’s answer to Paris’s Left Bank – a buzzing neighborhood full of exciting nightlife, local favorite restaurants and tasting rooms, and the city’s most authentic street food. Skip the lines and immerse yourself in this enchanting twilight tour of Rome’s most popular nightlife.

  • VIP Vatican Breakfast: Sistine Chapel & St Peter’s Basilica Guided Tour

Because the Vatican is still closed, you’ll be able to enter with a small group and enjoy an American breakfast before beginning your semi-private tour of the museums with your personal guide. You’ll walk through room after room of treasures before arriving at Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, which houses the conclave that elects Popes. The frescoes on the ceiling and the Last Judgement on the altar wall are among the most visited paintings in the world.

Then, proceed to the Sistine Chapel, the Pope’s personal place of worship. As you enter one of the world’s most significant landmarks, marvel at Michelangelo’s artistry.

Finally, your guide will bypass long lines to get you into St. Peter’s Basilica, one of the Catholic church’s pillars. After the tour, stay in St. Peter’s Basilica to explore more of this incredible church at your leisure, or step outside St. Peter’s Square to admire Bernini’s clever optical illusion and the basilica’s heavenly facade.

  • Private Vespa Sidecar Tour | Rome City Highlights

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel through one of the world’s most famous cities on the iconic Vespa! Your English-speaking guide is a local expert who will guide you through the maze of cobblestone streets and brave the foreign traffic so you don’t have to. This custom-built scooter comes with its own comfortable sidecar, allowing passengers to ride in comfort and style. Pass by ancient ruins such as the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.

See the famous Circus Maximus’ sloped field, where chariot races and spectator sports were once held. Pass by the city’s most important and historic churches, such as St. Peter’s and Santa Maria Maggiore. Pass by Rome’s strange Pyramid and the ancient Mouth of Truth. The Pantheon and the Spanish Steps will astound you. Stop to photograph Largo Argentina, the ruins where Julius Caesar was assassinated, and to observe daily life in picturesque squares such as Campo de’ Fiori and Piazza Navona.

It would normally be impossible to see so much in three hours, but on a Vespa, it’s a breeze!

  • Skip the Line: Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill – Small Group Guided Tour

On this small-group tour, discover the secrets of the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and the Roman Forum. Skip the long lines at each attraction with your knowledgeable guide as you explore the Colosseum’s underground chambers, which are closed to the general public on most days.

Discover Palatine Hill and the ancient ruins of the Roman Forum, as well as the homes of Rome’s wealthiest citizens. Relive ancient Rome’s glory.

Day 4-5 Capri, Italy


Relais Maresca

It seems strange, yet in Capri there are very few seaside hotels, just a few steps from the beach. One of these is the 4-star Relais Maresca Luxury Small Hotel overlooking Marina Grande and the Gulf of Naples. You wake up and you’re facing the sea , two steps and you’re on the largest beach in Capri … and let the holiday begin!

From the terraces of the Relais Maresca you will be enchanted by the blue of the sea, Vesuvius and the profile of the Amalfi and Sorrento coasts. A spectacle that you will enjoy directly from your sea viewroom.


  • Capri and AnaCapri Private Walking Tour

Take a walk with your local guide and see some of Capri’s most popular tourist attractions. Take the chairlift up to Mount Solaro for the best of Capri and Ana Capri.

Monte Solaro, at 589 meters above sea level, is the highest and most panoramic point on the island of Capri. Enjoy panoramic views of the Faraglioni rock formations and the center of Capri, as well as the Sorrento Peninsula, the Galli islands, and the entire Gulf of Naples. On clear days, a glimpse of the Gulf of Salerno can be seen.

After that, you’ll be able to easily navigate the island.

Capri Island Boat Tour Including Swimming, Sightseeing, and Limoncello

Capri is best discovered from the sea. You and your guide will sail along the coast admiring majestic reefs, arches in the rock, and all the famous coast attractions, such as the Faraglioni rocks, the lighthouse of Punta Carena, and the amazing White Grotto and Green Grotto. You’ll have the opportunity to visit the world’s most popular island.

Enjoy the blue sea of Capri, swimming in the world’s most crystalline waters, and unwind with a happy hour in front of the beauty of Capri.


    • Pass through the White Grotto and the Marvellous Grotto natural caves.
    • Green Grotta: Enter the Green Grotto to capture beautiful images of its waters.
    • Natural Arch: On the island’s east coast, cruise past the Paleolithic-era Arco Naturale (Natural Arch).
    • Continue to Villa Malaparte on Punta Massullo to see one of Italy’s best examples of contemporary architecture.
    • Faraglioni: Marvel at the Faraglioni rocks. There will be several stops with opportunities for swimming and snorkeling, as well as a relaxing stop with snacks and drinks available on board.
    • Punta Carena Lighthouse: Just 3 kilometers south of Anacapri, get up close and personal with the Punta Carena Lighthouse.

Day 6-11 Florence, Italy


Palazzo Alfieri

Palazzo Alfieri, a founding member of Alfieri Collezione with a long tradition of refined hospitality. Our Palazzo offers surprising views on the Arno River , in many of its rooms.

Located on the Lungarno Corsini, in the true heart of the city and just a step from the world famous Tornabuoni district, Palazzo Alfieri is an architectural masterpiece that combines a landmark heritage building with graceful, contemporary design. In this vibrant and elegant setting, the city’s crown jewels – the Uffizi Museum, Ponte Vecchio, Brunelleschi’s Dome, Palazzo Vecchio and Florence’s most indulgent shopping – are literally at your doorstep. For culture and for business, it’s a location like no other.

ACTIVITIES in FLORENCE, including day trips to Tuscany & Forte dei Marme

  • Welcome to Florence Small Group Tour

Get quickly oriented with an introduction to Florence which will not only cover the basics but some of its best-kept secrets. 

See the Duomo, the Arno River, ancient alleyways, public squares, and much of the historic center in a few hours of sightseeing.

  • Skip-the-Line Florence Duomo with Brunelleschi’s Dome Climb

Travel to the top of Brunelleschi’s Dome, Florence’s most iconic attraction and follow your guide through the cathedral for an exclusive close-up view of the dome. 

You will explore passages closed to the public and get a magnificent look at the city skyline. Enjoy a guided visit to the Cathedral, the Dome, and the Baptistery Head inside areas of the Duomo not open to the public.

 See panoramic views of Florence from the top of Brunelleschi’s Dome Maximum of 16 people for a more intimate experience.

  • Day Trip to Tuscany: Cooking Class and Lunch at a Tuscan Farmhouse with Local Market Tour from Florence

Indulge your love of Italian food in Tuscany, and enjoy a full-day tour that combines a market visit with a cooking class and 4-course meal with wine! 

Join up with your guide and head to the Florentine food market and peruse the stalls, each teeming with the region’s freshest ingredients, including cured meats, olives, cheeses, balsamic vinegar, sun-dried tomatoes, and other Tuscan delicacies. Select some of these high-quality ingredients for your cooking class later in the afternoon and enjoy tastings of the food and wine.

Then climb aboard a minibus and journey into the Tuscan hills to a rustic farmhouse. With an expert chef, prepare a full Tuscan meal. Discover the culinary secrets behind Tuscan cuisine, from slow-cooked meat sauces to whipping up Italian pasta from scratch. Everything you make is seasonal.  

Finally, reward yourself with your 4-course meal. Complement your delicious food with Tuscan wine and good conversation. Return to central Florence and receive all the recipes by email so you can impress family and friends back at home with your Italian dishes.

  • Day Trip: Semi Private Cinque Terre and Pisa Leaning Tower Tour from Florence

Today you will get the opportunity to visit two of the most popular day trip destinations from Florence.  Hop on a luxury Black Mercedes minivan with your driver (small group tour- 8 max) and head to Cinque Terre.

Once in Cinque Terre  you can take a boat ride along the enchanting coastline of the Cinque Terre, and then choose between a hike or train trip to another village. 

On the way back to  Florence you will stop in Pisa to see the famous leaning tower.


    • Cinque Terre Trails:   Cinque Terre are five coastal villages in eastern Liguria that make up a UNESCO World Heritage site! Here, a train links the five different villages together. 
    •  Borgo Storico di Riomaggiore: Arrive at Riomaggiore by black Mercedes Minivan. The town climbs up along the ridges overlooking the sea and it is characterized from the typical stone houses with coloured façades and slate-roofs. 
    • From Riomaggiore you will take the Public boat to Manarola or i f you wish to hike you can take the Trail 531 Riomaggiore to Manarola. Follow the path signposted along the vegetable gardens until the small bridge from which begins the long flight of steps that leads through cultivated and fallow fields, with a panoramic view, to the ridge of Costa Corniolo. 
    • Borgo Storico di Manarola:  the oldest of the towns in the Cinque Terre, with the cornerstone of the church, San Lorenzo, dating from 1338. The local dialect is Manarolese, which is marginally different from the dialects in the nearby area. The name “Manarola” is probably a dialectical evolution of the Latin, “magna rota”. In the Manarolese dialect this was changed to “magna roea” which means “large wheel”, in reference to the mill wheel in the town. Then train from Manarola to Vernazza
    • Vernazza:  Vernazza is the only natural port of the five villages. Being the wealthiest village its architecture is most elaborate. See the Castle of the Doria, look at the watchtowers, and do not miss the Romanesque sanctuary of Our Lady of Reggio. You will be amazed by its simplicity and yet fascinated by its architecture. In Vernazza we can have a cooling swim in the sea, a nice shower and we can enjoy a delicious lunch made of authentic Pesto Pasta and fresh Mediterrean seafood (not included in the price). Train from Vernazza to Riomaggiore back on the way to Pisa. 
  • Day Trip to Forte dei Marme: Spend a day at the beach in Forte dei Marmi/Rail from Florence

Forte dei Marmi is one of the most exclusive and elegant tourist locations in all of Versilia, and is a small jewel that has been a true style icon since the 1960s. Established in Roman times, Forte dei Marmi began to heavily expand in the 16th century due to the opening of the quarries in the mountains behind it. The city is particularly centered around luxury tourism, making it perfect for high fashion shopping in luxury boutiques and famous for its seaside restaurants and glittering nightlife.

Alepmare Beach Club in Forte dei Marmi-Beach Tent & Lunch Reservation

Always a favorite destination for great poets (like Montale and Ungaretti) and great singers (like Edith Piaf, Mina and Ray Charles), Forte dei Marmi is a magic place where The Dolcevita, even in the New Millennium, has never faded. Alpemare Beach Club has become the new gem of Versilia thanks to the Bocelli Family that completely renovated the old bathing establishment transforming it into a relaxing oasis for its customers.

The restaurant is at guests’ complete disposal in the daily proposal of a refined cuisine, based on the freshness of the products. The chef Mirko Caldino prefers the choice of Mediterranean colors, the colors that are carefully combined in the dishes. An absolutely genuine cuisine, spontaneous, simple but not obvious, traditional but also experimental, made of particular combinations, refined and rich in creativity that enhance all the 5 senses of the guests.

Day 12 Bologna/Modena


Phi Hotel Canalgrande

Phi Hotel Canalgrande is an elegant hotel in the centre of Modena, the only four-star hotel in the heart of the city’s historic centre.

Phi Hotel Canalgrande is a historic residence situated in antique Palazzo Schedoni, to the right of the church of Santa Maria delle Asse. Its origins date to 1530, when it was built to be used as a convent; it was later redesigned in the late 1700s by Giuseppe Soli for the singer Caterina Bonafini, whose cultural salon was one of the city’s most popular.

Among its guests, Phi Hotel Canalgrande boasts illustrious figures of international standing from the worlds of business, art, culture, and sport.


  • Day Tour Parmigiano, Ferrari Museum, Balsamic, Lambrusco, Lunch with Transfer

Become familiar with some well-known Italian brands and delicacies born in Emilia-Romagna. Your driver will meet you at the rail station to begin your tour.

Start the day by visiting local producers to learn something new about the production processes of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Lambrusco sparkling wine. After all the tours, you’ll taste the products to discover their typical flavours. 

Your experience wouldn’t be complete without visiting Ferrari Museum, so to see the most famous supercar brand of all time, Ferrari. And, of course, without having lunch in a picturesque estate situated among the gentle hills of the Modena area.


  • Modena DAIRY FARM:  Start with a guided visit at a cheese factory and learn how aged Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is produced. 
  • Museo Ferrari: After proceed with a visit to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello with cars, images and trophies that have marked the history of the brand, and you will be able to experience the places where the most beautiful cars in the world are designed. 
  • Province of Modena BALSAMIC VINEGAR OF MODENA : Continue with a visit to an “Acetaia” and discover the production of the famous “black gold”, the precious traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena, which you will be able to taste at the end of your guided tour. 1
  • Province of Modena LUNCH:  Enjoy lunch in a picturesque estate situated among the gentle hills of the Modena area. 
  • Castelvetro di Modena LAMBRUSCO CELLAR: On our way back home, we will enjoy a visit to a local winery and take a guided tour of the facilities to learn about Lambrusco, a sparkling wine from northern Italy. 

Day 13-14 Varenna on Lake Como, Italy


Hotel Du Lac Varenna

The Hotel Du Lac IS A The Hotel Du Lac is a charming 4-star hotel located in the heart of Varenna , directly on the lake and offers a wonderful view of both branches of Lake Como. The villa was built in 1823 and then transformed into a hotel in the mid-1900s.


  • Private Boat Tour on the Lake Como with my favorite Captain

 A day on the water and an unbelievable and unique experience to see lake Como.  Enjoy the magical history and nature of the lake.  


  • Villa Olmo: is a 18th century villa now owned by the municipality. 
  • Villa Erba: Villa Erba is a nice 19th century villa, previously owned by famous Italian movie director Luchino Visconti. Shooting spot for Ocean’s 12. 
  • Cernobbio: the nice village of Cernobbio and Villa d’Este, a 16th century palace, now one of the most famous hotels in Italy. 
  • Villa Le Fontanelle:  Previously the famous villa of Versace family. 
  • Moltrasio: A very nice village with many luxurious villas on its shores. 
  • Laglio: A nice village on lake Como, hosting the famous villa of George Clooney. 
  • Villa Pliniana: An isolated historical villa on the shores of Torno, surrounded by a huge park. 
  • Blevi: The nice villas of Blevio, including the famous Mandarin Oriental hotel, once the villa of worldwide known opera singer Giuditta Pasta.
  • Bellagio – stop  for lunch and shopping
    • Bellagio is a small jewel located on the promontory that separates the two southern branches of Lake Como, those culminating in the cities of Como and Lecco.
    • It is one of the most glamorous and romantic destinations in Lombardy. In fact, the well-known “Pearl of Lake Como” is home to a colorful historic center, beautiful gardens (parks of Villa Serbelloni and Villa Melzi), charming neighborhoods (such as Pescallo or San Giovanni), and much more.
  • Como:  Located on the Italian-Swiss border, the city of Como in Italy overlooks the southwest end of its lake and is surrounded by green ridge hills, resulting in unparalleled, natural scenery. 

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