Romantic Honeymoon Package in Europe

Enjoy your Romantic Honeymoon Package in Europe by visiting Rome, Capri, Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Bodrum and Cappadocia.

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What's Included in your Romantic Honeymoon Package in Europe

  • 3 Nights Accommodation in Rome, Italy
  • 3 Nights Accommodation in Capri, Italy
  • 2 Nights Accommodation in Athens, Greece
  • 2 Nights Accommodation in Mykonos, Greece
  • 3 Nights Accommodation in Santorini, Greece
  • 3 Nights Accommodation in Bodrum, Turkey
  • 2 Nights Accommodation in Cappadocia, Turkey
  • Seamless Private Ground Transfers as noted in the Itinerary
  • All Tours and Excursions as noted in the Itinerary
  • All Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Reservatins Mentioned in the Itinerary
  • 24/7/365 On-Call Service with your Crawford Concierge Advisor

Your Romantic Honeymoon Package in Europe Itinerary

Day 1-3 Rome, Italy


One of our guests wrote: “It’s a little attention that makes a great hotel”.

Here, there is no better way to describe the Hotel Artemide in Rome. Because here it is not the 4 stars that make the difference, nor the high-level services. It is the staff who know how to give meaning to the word hospitality.

The Hotel Artemide is located in the historic center of Rome, precisely via Nazionale, one of the liveliest streets of the capital. Shops, boutiques, cafes, theaters, art galleries, and clubs – nothing will be too far away for you!


  • The Highlights of Rome by Vespa Sidecar

Meet your guide in the lobby of your hotel, One of the first beauties Piazza del Quirinale which sits atop one of the 7 hills of Rome, the Dioscuri Obelisk & Fountain will definitely catch your eye at first sight, along with The Quirinal Palace – our Presidential Palace, 2nd biggest in the world! – Thumbs up also for the panoramic view towards Saint Peter which they overlook. You will visit:

  • Fontana di Trevi, toss a coin and watch your dreams come true.
  • The Spanish Steps, are best known for their commanding position above the famous steps leading down to Piazza di Spagna.
  • A smooth drive across the “People’s Square”, Piazza del Popolo inside the northern gate of the Aurelian Walls. Before the age of railroads, it was the traveler’s first view of Rome upon their arrival…
  • St.Peter’s Square. Find yourself surrounded by its majesty and power meantime your Guide will be narrating to you crucial facts and pointing out details of extraordinary beauty.
  • Enjoy the drive up Gianicolo Hill. You will have reached the closest place to the sky on the tour. The everlasting beauty of the capital will be all in your sight from this panoramic spot.
  • Trastevere has adorable narrow streets colored by boutiques & trattorias and lively squares with markets & cafés. 
  • Regarding the Jewish Ghetto we must say that besides its indisputable beauty, it is also imbued in tangible main historical facts.
  • Pantheon is a special stop. You will actually visit entirely the magical monument: you will be walking on original pavements laid in the Year 125 dc and know all about this engineering masterpiece.
  • Take a glance at Palazzo Venezia, just north of Capitoline Hill, and admire the National Monument to Vittorio Emanuele.
  • The Colosseum will take your breath away. Fascinating stories of bloody battles and brave men will accompany your tour and imagination as you drive by.
  • Also, the triumphal Arc of Constantine, between the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill.
  • Santa Maria Maggiore, The Basilica is also known as “Our Lady of the Snows”. Legends and Miracles excel on this spot. Not only, but it is also the largest Catholic Marian church in Rome and we can circumnavigate it entirely, due to its original placement, on our final ride back to piazza Della Repubblica.
  • Private Secret Trastevere Food Tour

You’ll experience the ancient Roman history and traditions through the narrow streets of Trastevere you’ll hear the pleasant warm accent of the locals, tasting some great street food bites, typical pasta plates, and Porchetta from the hills surrounding the capital. Everything will be paired with some amazing wines from the finest Roman vineyards.

  • Cross the oldest bridge in Italy into the labyrinthine village of Trastevere for a Glass of Natural DOP Prosecco and a tasting of a local Roman Wine in a truly local Wine bar.
  • Skip the 2hr long line to eat at legendary Da Enzos for traditional Jewish-Roman street food eaten in front of the oldest Synagogue in the city.
  • Visit an institutional Deli for a mouthwatering taste of their famous Porchetta; succulent and herby roast pork on pizza bread, washed down with a cold beer.
  • Head underground into their very own wine cellar for a Roman Cheese platter paired with a tasting of quality Italian wines.
  • Meander through the winding cobbled streets for a ‘Trapizzino‘, a young Roman take on ancient recipes.
  • Soak in the vibrant nightlife as we take you to an artisanal pastry shop for dessert,
  • End with a tasting of artisanal Amari (Italian digistivs) for the perfect finish.
    With all our tours there’s a secret dish!
  • Vatican VIP Experience: Exclusive Breakfast at the Vatican with Early Access to Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel

Meet your guide at the Vatican Museums before the site opens to the public. You’ll be escorted to either the Pinecone Courtyard for breakfast, followed by your exclusive tour of the Vatican’s many iconic attractions, from the Sistine Chapel to the Gallery of Maps to the Renaissance artwork inside Raphael’s Rooms.

After breakfast, head with your guide on your VIP tour of the Vatican’s many famed sights, from the Gallery of Tapestries to the Renaissance art of Raphael’s Rooms to the Sistine Chapel where Raphael’s frescoes are said by many to rival the beauty of the Sistine Chapel. Of course, we won’t forget that highlight, as we visit Michelangelo’s world-famous ‘Last Judgment’ and ‘The Creation of Adam’ in the Sistine Chapel.

Both tour options end at St Peter’s Basilica, which you have access to via a VIP entrance. Inside, prepare to be wowed by art like Michelangelo’s Pieta sculpture and Bernini’s Baldacchino canopy. When your tour ends and you say goodbye to your guide, you are welcome to stay inside St Peter’s Basilica.

  • Lunch and Wine Tasting in a Medieval Estate

Trade the bustling streets of Rome for a day in the Lazio countryside on this wine tour. Visit a wine cellar in the medieval village of Borgo and get an insider’s perspective on winemaking. Head to an Italian restaurant and enjoy wine pairings with a traditional meal of cheese, meat, and more. 

The cellar is located inside the medieval “Borgo” village. It was built in the 12th century by digging into the tufa hills behind the Castello. In the thirties, while uncovering the connecting tunnel between the two caverns, two mammoth tusks were found here. Meet your sommelier guide and take a brief walk in a private cellar and learn all the secrets of wine processing. We move to the restaurant for a taste of an Italian pre-dinner with a selection of regional cheese and cut meat and Roman-style dishes. Each course is paired with an elegant local wine selected by the chef and guide to enhance the flavors of both the food and wine. After the meal, our experience ends with the return to Rome, bringing ancient Roman memories and flavors.

  • Vip Colosseum Under the Moon with Underground and Arena Access

See the Colosseum minus the daytime crowds, the heat, and lengthy admission lines on this evening tour, and enjoy a glass of prosecco, too. Taking place in the quieter evening hours, the small-group tour includes skip-the-line entry to the ancient amphitheater plus visits to its top tier, arena floor, and the underground chambers where the gladiators prepped for battle. Numbers are limited to 25 people for a small-group experience at Rome’s iconic ancient landmark.

This VIP tour gives you access to the Colosseum Arena with a beautiful view over-looking the Underground and the dungeons area. Your expert guide will take you to the ground floor and the second level and help you to understand the events and stories of the past here at the Colosseum including Gladiator battles and other historic events and stories that may well be shocking to you.  

You will leave the Colosseum with interesting stories and secrets and the types of games and crazy battles that the Romans enjoyed the most. Your guide will also point out the best spots to take the perfect picture during your tour, as you tour the entirety of this incredible monument!

  • Appian Underground Adventure e-Bike Tour

It’s time to go under the ancient city.  This thrilling site is something that you would have never seen before – nature, art, and history converged at their best. The epitome of Rome! The Aurelian Walls will pave the way to the most exciting tour you will ever experience.

 You will descend 12 meters (40 feet) down a Roman Quarry that witnessed the passing of time. Hear the story which has remained untold for a long time. Quiet, yet fascinating galleries which once hosted ancient Roman catacombs were later turned into air raid shelters during World War ll; you would not be able to witness such incredible and exclusive places without this tour.  Furthermore, the perfectly preserved Saint Sebastian catacombs are one of a kind. They were accidentally discovered only 100 years ago. 

  • Lunch at Hostaria Antica Roma

One of the greatest restaurants in Roma (if not all of Italy). Total hidden gem. Beautiful aesthetic. Food is based on ancient Roman cuisine which is an amazing and genuine experience (equally delicious). Ask the owners about the history of the dish if you’re interested, it’s fascinating how they went about creating their dishes. The owners are delightful; the epitome of Italian hospitality.

Take a walk on Via Appia, the first built and strategically most important Roman road of the ancient republic, that connected Rome to Brindisi (in Apulia). They say that all roads lead to Rome, but only this road leads to Hostaria Antica, one of the best restaurants where to savor the genuine traditional Roman food.

Day 4-6 Capri, Italy


Located at the heart of the Mediterranean, the Capri Palace Jumeirah is a stunning luxury hotel where guests immerse themselves in the breathtaking natural beauty of Capri and the imaginative and unique artwork from contemporary artists.

Nestled in a secluded corner of the island with panoramic views of Naples Gulf, the hotel is perfect to avoid crowds, yet is close to many island attractions. The resort features 68 immaculately designed guestrooms, a pair of panoramic restaurants, a two Michelin-starred restaurant, and the renowned Capri Medical Spa, a world-class medical spa facility.



  • The Island of Capri on Scooter

Your scooter will be waiting for you for your own use to explore for three days.

  • Dine Under the Lemon Trees at Da Paolino Restaurant – Capri

A family tradition – Generation after generation, the De Martino family has been serving exquisite island cuisine to both locals and holidaymakers for decades.

  • The fragrance of 130 lemon trees in the garden
  • Order as a starter the “bomba”, a pizza stuffed with tomato, mozzarella, and ham
  • The variety of lemon desserts with a unique flavor

Any number of stars on the silver screen have sat beneath Paolino’s lemon trees. Tom Cruise, Mimi Rogers, John Belushi, George Hamilton, Luca di Montezemolo, and Ferragamo: are just a few of the celebrities to have added their names to the restaurant’s guest book, since 1978.

  • Capri and Amalfi Coast trip by private speedboat

The Amalfi Coast has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site due to the uniqueness of its natural landscape and its undisputed beauty. Today the sea belongs to you and your captain.  Board in Capri and head to the Amalfi Coast with an aperitivo and inflatable toys on board.

  • Enjoy a welcome drink with soft drinks and limoncello
  • Head from Capri to the Amalfi Coast and take in highlights by sea
  • Stops for swimming and snorkeling
  • Equipment for diving and snorkeling, inflatable toys
  • Beach towels
  • Dock in Amalfi or Positano for free time on your own
  • L’Olivo

Capri Palace Jumeirah has decided to take food-lover’s journey to even higher heights by introducing L’Olivo Undiscovered, an unmissable culinary experience.

Executive Chef Andrea Migliaccio created a special tasting menu for the occasion where guests are taken on a truly revealing culinary journey and savor the most iconic dishes of his 10-yearlong residence at the Two Michelin awarded restaurant. 

From an ancient tavern to a very glamorous bodega, L’Olivo Undiscovered offers an extremely intimate setting, a theatrical atmosphere that immerses guests into a refined reality that exemplifies the finest dining experience in Capri, all the while keeping at heart the island’s culinary traditions in the most exclusive hotel of the island.

  • l Riccio Beach Club – Beds with Lunch Reservation

In addition to the stunning 40-meter mosaic swimming pool on the grounds of the hotel, the Capri Palace operates the exclusive Il Riccio Beach Club on the north shore of the island near the spectacular Blue Grotto. Set on a cliff with sea access via a staircase that zigzags down to the water’s edge, the chic white-and-blue beach club has a collection of sun beds and loungers to allow patrons to perfect their tan in privacy. When hunger calls, guests may dine at the club’s gourmet Il Riccio restaurant, which prepares out-of-this-world raw and cooked seafood delicacies paired with top Italian and international wines.

  • Dinner: Mammà – Isoladi Capri

In the splendid Caprese setting, a treasure trove of culture, myth, and tradition, the Mammà restaurant is an unmissable destination for connoisseurs of good food, where the excellence of Mediterranean products is associated with the striking beauty of the location, offering an unforgettable culinary/authentic experience Wine and food journey, under the banner of taste.

The Rules at Mammà:

  • Inside the restaurant, guests can read the house rules posted on the chalkboard:
  • There is only one Mammà
  • Mammà is a new concept in dining, aimed at ensuring you the best meal each day
  • No one knows better than we do the best dishes of the day…trust us!
  • Mammà does not have cold storage or freezers
  • Mammà creates each daily menu based on the freshest ingredients that morning, for the smallest environmental impact possible
Romantic Honeymoon Package in Europe 1

Day 7 Athens, Greece


Breathtaking Acropolis Views
Divani Palace Acropolis is an iconic hotel showcasing the best of Athens.
Just meters away from the world-famous Acropolis this is the perfect place to savor Athens’s fascinating history.

Divani Palace Acropolis offers a variety of rooms & suites that satisfy each guest and embraces how heritage and modernity blend in perfect harmony.

Unique details can be discovered in every corner making it the perfect base to take a time journey through the history of Athens.



  • Full Day Private Athens Tour

Your Athens Sightseeing City Tour starts by visiting the Acropolis hill, with well-known architectural masterpieces of the Golden Age of Athens that includes Erechtheion (female statues of the Caryatides or Maidens dedicated to goddess Athena and god Poseidon), the Temple of Athena Nike and Propylaea. You will also have a great chance to admire the monument (that puts the order in mind), which is the Parthenon. From the top of the Acropolis hill will have a view of the Odeon of Herodus Atticus, the Theatre of Dionysus, and the Areopagus (Mars Hill).

Then drive to the Temple of Olympian Zeus and Hadrian’s Arch, as well as the Panathenaic Stadium. This is the place where the first Olympic Games of the modern era were held, in the year 1896. You will also see the Evzones (changing of the guards) in their majestic picturesque uniform at the Presidential Palace

Furthermore, the tour will provide a chance to observe the remarkable contrasts that make the city of Athens a fascinating place. Apart from this, we will also visit the Athens Trilogy of culture (the National Library of Greece, the Athens University, and the Academy)the Memorial to the Unknown Soldier, the House of Parliament, Constitution Square (Syntagma Square), and a spectacular panorama of the city from Lycabettus hill

Drive through modern Athens and stop off at Hermou street, the old city Plaka (and Flea Market) for traditional Greek delicacies and food, as well as to get something to drink. In the places we will visit, you can be certain that you will surely enjoy a wonderful shopping walk, with your family and friends.

Aside from this, if time permits, we will also visit a number of wonderful places in Athens, such as Hefestus Temple, Kerameikos, Greek & Roman Agora (tower of winds), and Socrates Prison. After lunch, enjoy a visit to the New Acropolis Museum or the National Archaeological Museum, one of the world’s best museums. We assure you that after your tour with us, you will have a great taste of Athens.

Romantic Honeymoon Package in Europe 2

Day 8-9 Mykonos, Greece


Nuzzled in a gorgeous setting, above the sun-kissed beach of Agios Ioannis in Mykonos, Katikies Mykonos, a member of the Leading Hotels of the World, captures the essence of chic seaside living only a breath away from the shimmering sea. The new jewel of Mykonos vibrates with the pulsating spirit of its guests. Discover a modern spin on authenticity and originality, full of color and movement.




  • Ilianna Walking Tour, Shopping, Dinner, and Clubbing

Meet Iliana for a night of fun in Mykonos Town. You’ll have the opportunity to shop, have dinner, and hit some bars and clubs like a local. Glamorous and fun – hang with the locals – a must for anyone visiting Mykonos who wants to dance on tables.

  • Scorpios Beach Club with Sunbeds and Lunch Reservation

Mykonos, the rock star of the Cycladic Islands in Greece, has a stretch of sand for every mood and taste. To make your trip to cosmopolitan Mykonos more complete, definitely try Scorpios where sybaritic hedonism rules supreme. This hip addition to the Mykonos’ island beach club scene offers the ideal combination: beach fun in the sun, laidback lounging, explosive cocktails, starlit dancing, and good food along with fine wines.

On a sun-drenched southern tip of Mykonos Island, a weatherworn house has been transformed into a modern-day agora for pretty kitties & cool cats. Overlooking the rugged wild of a nature sanctuary hugged by the azure of the Aegean Sea, Scorpios Beach Club Mykonos is a dreamy boho-luxe slice of paradise with an in-tune-with-nature ambiance.

Romantic Honeymoon Package in Europe 3

Day 10-12 Santorini, Greece


Be inspired by history and elegance! There was a time that Santorini was part of the Duchy of the Aegean Sea and now it is time to revive the beauty and sophistication of that era by bringing back the timeless elegance of the Cyclades in two properties created with a dedication to authentic hospitality! It is time to live the Ducato Experience!





  • Private Sunset Catamaran Sail

Amazing Sunsets are what Santorini is all about. You will start from Ammoudi beneath the spectacular cliffs. Head to the island of Thirassia. Here you can swim in the crystal clear waters and admire the views of the Santorini caldera.

The next stop is Sulfur Springs for a dive at the volcanic waters and then to the Lighthouse of Akrotiri. 

On Red Beach, Red Beach enjoy your barbeque prepared by your crew. While you wait you can enjoy another dive and use the snorkeling gear to discover the underwater thrills.

After dinner, you will sail to the Old Port of Fira, and following the caldera coastline we reach the hidden church of Eftapedes, the bay of Armeni with the sun setting behind you. It’s the amazing sunset! 

Your amazing day has come to an end. Your driver awaits and will bring you back to your hotel.


  • Appetizers, Greek salad, tzatziki, grilled peppers, grilled mushrooms
  • BBQ (Meat or Fish) or Vegetarian meals
  • Fresh fruit for dessert
  • Unlimited drinks (Beer, white wine, soft drinks, water)
  • Towels
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Full Day Tour of the Island with Wine Tastings

Today you will meet your driver in the lobby of your hotel for a full-day private tour of Santorini. Some of the stops will include:

  • Picturesque Oia
    One of the most beautiful villages, with exquisite architecture, is ready to be explored. Enjoy the village’s cosmopolitan aura overlooking the white houses and the blue domes.
  • Imerovigli-Hike path
    Let’s drive and explore the most beautiful part of Santorini’s hike path in Imerovigli.
    Breathtaking panoramic views from the second highest point of the Caldera.
  • Firostefani-Blue domes
    Prepare your cameras and be ready to shoot the best blue dome pictures and learn about the history of Santorini’s Volcano.
  • Monastery of Prophet Elias-The highest point
    This is the only place you can have a bird’s eye view of the entire island 360ᵒ and get the most panoramic pictures of Santorini.
  • Winery
    Learn about the history of Santorini’s wines in a traditional winery/wine tasting
  • Wine tasting up to 6 Santorinian Wines
  • Black beach
    There you have time to enjoy swimming, water sports, lunch, and relax under the Greek sun at the popular beach bar restaurant Sea Side by Notos in Perivolos beach.
  • Red beach
    Photo stop at the red volcanic sand beach.
  • Organic local products
    Faros market is a small family farm where you will have a tasting of local Santorini’s organic local homemade products.
  • Sunset by the lighthouse
    Take your time and enjoy the most beautiful sunset of the world.
Romantic Honeymoon Package in Europe 4

Day 13-15 Bodrum, Turkey


Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay Bodrum, a luxury 5-star resort set on the cliffs of pristine Barbaros Bay, invites you to experience the best of European Luxury in a picturesque setting where excellent leisure facilities mingle with a symphony of flavors.

For daytime dreaming and leisure, this exclusive retreat also offers a blue-flagged sandy beach, an infinity pool, and a unique 5500 sqm. Spa, and a variety of outstanding restaurants combining authenticity and the region’s exceptional culinary highlights.



  • Private Tour: Bodrum like a Local

You’ll skip the mundane historical tours and discover the city through a local’s eyes. Experience a tour that will transform the way you travel to make it as much about the people you meet, as it is the places you see. Our local guides (Lokafyers) are passionate about their city and eager to share their knowledge and perspective. Since Lokafyers are not professional guides and tour occasionally, they provide an experience that’s authentic and personal, like a friend showing you around their city. By the end of the tour, you’ll feel comfortable navigating the city and confidence that you have all the information you need to make the most of your stay.

  • Private Yacht Cruise 

You will enjoy a private adventurous sailing experience in a gulet, a typical wooden sailing boat from the region. You will enjoy crystal-clear water and swimming in secret coves. You will have plenty of time for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, and relaxing. A gourmet lunch will be served onboard your gulet. At the end of your voyage, you will have some time to stroll around Bodrum town.

  • Farmers Market visit & Turkish Cooking Class

We believe that Turkish cuisine is one of the best and healthiest cuisines in the world. At Cooking Classes Bodrum we offer recreational cooking holidays in an idyllic setting near Bodrum, overlooking the ancient Bargilya lagoon, where even the birds choose to rest on their journeys to the south. Turkish cuisine is a melting pot of traditions and cultures, developed in the fertile lands at the heart of human civilization. There are endless varieties of recipes, with each region, town, and neighborhood has its own unique food traditions. 


Drive to the farmers’ market to shop for the ingredients for your lunch, which will be comprised of four cold starters, one warm entrée, and a main course followed by the desert. At the market, you will encounter local food purveyors who offer all manner of self-harvested olives, wild seasonal greens, vegetables, as well as homemade noodles, jams, pickles, bread, and a delicious array of cheeses.

From the market we will drive to our place to cook, here we will guide you through the delicious secrets of regional Aegean cookery with its accent on olive oil and fresh herbs, a very special and particularly healthy branch of Turkish cuisine. You will be invited to watch the cooking sessions while sipping a glass of wine, or join in for a hands-on experience if you’d rather. Either way, we guarantee you we will be entertained and with the help of the written recipes, we will offer you, be able to recreate the feast back at home.

We will serve you a lunch of all the wonderful dishes we have cooked together, at tables where we will share stories of Turkish Cuisine and cooking traditions in our families while tasting our local wines.

Romantic Honeymoon Package in Europe 5

Day 16-17 Cappadocia, Turkey


In this timeless part of the World, we have a country created at the hands of the Gods and Goddesses. That was their touch of them in the middle of Anatolia which is the melting pot of civilizations. Cappadocia is located at the heart of Anatolia and Anka Cave Suites is located at the heart of Cappadocia.

The caves carved by Assyrians, Hittites, Byzantines, and Early Christians had been occupied during the era of Seljuk Turks and the Ottomans till the 1940s. Then the touch of men recently did convert them into sophisticated, peaceful, full of romance residences to host you in the best way.



  • Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia

After an early morning pick-up, you will take to the skies above Cappadocia to enjoy a thrilling and breathtaking ballooning experience. As you float over Cappadocia’s unique landscapes, heading along its scenic valleys, you’ll gain a greater appreciation of the sheer beauty of this area of Turkey. After your ride, you will head back to your hotel for a delicious breakfast.

Get aerial views of Cappadocia’s eroded rock formations, valleys, and caves on an early-morning hot-air balloon flight that includes a light breakfast and post-flight celebration. Morning light and panoramic views from the hot-air balloon are ideal for photographing the remarkable landscape, and door-to-door transport means you can sleep in a little bit later.

  • Quad Safari through Rose Sword and Love Valleys

Enjoy high-octane thrills and outdoor adventure in Cappadocia on this 2-hour off-road quad-bike safari. Clip on your helmet and — following a full safety briefing — zoom through the Turkish countryside with a guide. Explore Sword, Rose, and Love valley, and admire panoramic views over the volcanic formations for which the region is famous. With hotel pickup and drop-off included, enjoy a hassle-free ad exciting trip into the wilds of Cappadocia.

  • Gullerdere Valley 15 minutes • Admission Ticket Free 
  • Love Valley 30 minutes • Admission Ticket Free 
  • Sword Valley 30 minutes • Admission Ticket Free 
  • Rose Valley, Cappadocia

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