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Option 1
Dinner with your Private Chef

Learn about Mykonian Food Culture

With your private chef whos experience in top level restaurant and banqueting management in top restaurant both in Athens and Mykonos, experience his unique bohemian style with Mediterranean influences.

We had this private chef cook for us when we rented a home in Mykonos. He was a real cool guy , about 45 years old but you would never know it. He is the son of market-gardeners with a respect for the soil and its natural produce. This is true farm-to-table experience on the beach of Rhenia.

Far removed for the cliche of the all-powerful chef, Teo manages his team rather like a sports coach who focuses, precisely, on teamwork. He has worked at the most infamous restaurants in both Athens and Mykonos where he was rewarded time and time again. He has a unique bohemian style and the day he creates for you will never be forgotten.

Your day begins when your private driver picks you up from your ship. Board a boat and head to Rhenia, , an inhabitant island next to Delos island, protected by Unesco World Heritage. The archaeological site is exceptionally extensive, rich and conveys the image of a great cosmopolitan Mediterranean port. Rhenia is famous for its crystal clear waters, ancient temple ruins and high energy levels. It is a unique natural paradise so often missed when visiting Mykonos.

Meet Teo and his staff of professional chefs who will create an unforgettable, live and authentic Greek cooking experience for you. You will explore the beach, swim, sunbathe and enjoy the delicious live cooked recipes.

A cultural and unique experience not to be missed.

What’s on the Menu


• Cycladic with dado (Greek rusk), cherry tomatoes, cucumber, fresh basil, xinotyro (Myconian sour cheese), caper leaves and olive oil.

• Tarama (fish roe) – white and black (made with cuttlefish ink).

• Fresh tomato from the chef’s personal garden with organic olive oil – salt oregano


• Sea urchins (fresh out of the sea).

• Mussels – cooked with white wine

• Gyalisteres (clams) – grilled with herbs, ginger, fresh lemon juice and fresh olive oil

• Sea bass carpaccio with olive oil, lime juice and pink pepper

• Shrimps – grilled with olive oil, lemon juice and fresh ginger

Main Courses

• Fresh fish on the grill with lemon sauce


• Lobsters on the grill with soya sauce, lime and spice herbs


• Fresh fruits of the season

Visit to a Mykonian Organic Farm and Monastery with Lunch

Enjoy a Traditional Organic Mykonian Meal

Arrive at the Monastery and Farm, learning the history and operations of the farm while cut and savor products from the garden. To top it all off, there will be a photo session afterwards!

Meet your driver at the dock and drive across the center of the island that unites the city (Hora) of Mykonos with the homonym village of Ano Mera. Pass through the picturesque square and visit the monastery of Panagia Tourliani.

Then continue walking only 400 meters to the Mykonian Farm where you will be greeted by the Farm’s superintendent who will guide you through the territory, recounting the history of the places while showing you how the organic and the animal farming operates.

Later, while sitting and relaxing on a traditional stone-built couch sipping raki you will learn the history of the island’s farming, its livestock, and its crops. During the storytelling of the Mykonian Traditional farming habits, you will enjoy a farmer’s snack consisting of bread, tomatoes, kopanisti, cucumbers and poor man’s black olives, accompanied by the traditional raki.

Help the farmer cut and savor products from the vegetable garden. For those visitors who wish to get involved with farming tasks, the superintendent will provide you with the right tools and instruct you as you go along.

Immediately after the farming tour, begins the Hellenic barbeque experience, with the highest quality hellenic meat which will be consumed by the group. All participants will take turns in learning the Hellenic practices of Barbequing, constantly guided by our grill man. During the whole procedure, you will also learn to make necessary side dishes, such as the famous horiatiki Salad, which of course will consist of ingredients straight from our farm, the well-known tzatziki sauce, with fresh cucumbers directly picked from our garden and also a fresh Mykonian sausage omelet will be cooked on the spot, with eggs that you will pick directly from our coop.

And if that is not enough you will enjoy a wine pairing with your meal. The “Lunch will be served under our shady pavilion perfectly located on our farm. Make sure that your outfit is casual, as there is little room for a “formal dress code” on the farm.

After this experience comes to an end, there will be a photo session with guests.

Option 3
Private Yacht Transfer to a Secluded Beach with a Private Chef and Mixologist

Board a yacht by 11 am and will set sail to a nearby pristine and secluded beach where a beautiful boho-chic set up with cushions and low tables will be set and ready for you.

The mixologist in place, standing behind his coconut-made bar furniture, blending refreshing cocktails along with the chef preparing fresh, Mediterranean delicacies and cooking live on a stone-made BBQ.

Wow your day, bare your feet in the sand and indulge yourself in a distinctive experience.

A rib boat (including fuel)  will be used for the transportation of the food and beverage team as well as for all the essential equipment required.
Two members of staff will take care of the setup and dismantling of the “venue” as well as the cleaning of the beach after the completion of the event.

– One bartender / mixologist
Bar furniture, 50 bamboo glasses, 100 litres of premium Hoshizaki ice, straws, soft drinks and mixers for the drinks and all the ingredients for 3 cocktails of their signature cocktail menu.
Disposable, bamboo plates and cutleries.

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