USA Road Trip 2020 During Covid-19

August 25 – September 5, 2020

Chattanooga, Tennessee to Lincoln, Nebraska

DAY 2: On the Road Again

Is it too soon to say, “On the road again!” 

Well the second part is not how I am feeling right now. “Just can’t wait to get on the road again.” Especially after the drinks last night… Ugh. Not so bright-eyed and bushy tailed and as I look over at my husband, he is mouthing out the words, “I told you so.”

Road Trip Covid-19
On the Road Again

Road Trip 2020 Continues

Bye-bye Chattanooga. Thanks for a nice night. Wish we had more time to get acquainted but it’s 8 AM, not 5 AM as planned, and it’s time to hit the road. 

Back on I-24 west toward Clarksville/Louisville where will we pick up I-65 N and pass through Kentucky and then cross into Illinois. The same highway will bring us toward St. Louis then I-70W to Kansas City where we will cross into Missouri. The road continues to I-29 N toward Des Moines, cross into Iowa and then eventually hit Nebraska. Nothing very exciting and not what I would call a scenic ride.

Breakfast – no time to stop so Egg Mc Muffin and then Lunchtime – two choices, healthy snacks, almonds, pretzels, assorted nuts or Mickey D’s. I chose #2. I still can’t believe it. McDonald’s twice in one day. We haven’t been in 2 years. I guess we’re making up for it. What am I doing?? 

Road Trip Covid-19

Our Covid-19 Road Trip takes us to Lincoln, Nebraska


Twelve hours later we wound up in Lincoln, Nebraska, home of the Cornhuskers. Same Covid-19 scene but with a 9 PM restriction.

60 minutes before any stop I begin my research. Lincoln has a boutique hotel, The Kindler Hotel located downtown. A sophisticated boutique hotel experience in the heart of Lincoln. Who would have thought?

We checked in and immediately headed downstairs to the bar, Boitano’s Lounge developed by Brian Boitano, a world-renowned Olympic skater and Food Network star.

A quick Bulleit and Ginger and we were off to DISH, located within a few feet from the Kindler. A Modern American restaurant offering sustainable, local, seasonally driven items and creative, handcrafted cocktails. This night we chose to eat inside.

From the menu, we shared fried green beans with jalapeno pesto along with a roasted beet salad with pickled fennel, bleu cheese, orange, smoked hazelnut topped with horseradish crème, grilled pork tenderloin, and smashed potato and bacon.

To drink: of course, one bottle of Silver Oak Cabernet and time to call it a night-lesson learned from the night before given we still had 8 hours left to travel the next day and we had to be at the ranch at 12 Noon.

Day 2 Comes to a Close

It felt good to get back in the room and hit the sack. The furnishings were beautiful, and the bed was so plush that we wondered how we would ever get up at 4 AM! 

No choice this time.


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