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Integrated Wellness Travel changes lives, and it’s all about rejuvenation!

It’s travel for the purpose of promoting health and well-being through physical, psychological, and spiritual activities. Medical testing is now becoming a major component of a true wellness center. It’s no longer just about getting a good massage rather about how to eat better, sleep better, exercise better and live longer!

Wellness travel is the fastest growing travel trend for 2016 however it is a trend that shows no signs of letting up.  From baby boomers to millennials more and more are focusing on adopting healthier lifestyles. In fact, this niche market is slated to grow twice as fast as any other sector. It’s the year of well-being and integrated wellness is the word!

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A couple enjoying a yoga session on the beach.

Wellness travelers take vacations integrating not only physical training at a gym or spa but can also include anything they find enjoyable. Are you a foodie looking to incorporate menus with healthier choices, reduced portion sizes and restricted use of high-sodium and high-sugar products?  Then a wine and food valley hike in Napa may be the medicine of choice, with rejuvenating massages afterward.

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Perhaps it’s trail running, hiking, swimming, mountain biking, or skiing.  Are you looking for a Mayan detox in Mexico or do you prefer zip-lining in Costa Rica? Maybe it’s learning how to meditate or simply stretching and re-alignment.  An integrated wellness package is a great way to deal with stress and anxiety.

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Many experiential resorts have built challenge courses for their guests

Hotel chains have even jumped on the bandwagon with offerings like wake-up light therapy, air purification systems, living walls, in-room training zones and celebrity fitness trainers. Waiting on a flight? “Leading-edge airports, including Chicago O’Hare International, San Francisco International and Heathrow in London, are now offering quiet rooms where passengers can practice yoga and meditation.

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