South America

Travel to South America

Home to some of the worlds oldest civilizations and steeped in history, South America is for the more advenurous who like to wander off the beaten path.  

The country is home to the most beautiful waterfalls, amazing jungles, delicious cuisines, mysterious wildlive and a climate that is mostly warm and tropical.

Boasting over 100 UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Machu Picchu in Peru guarantees an adventure rich in culture. Expect to experience the culture from hundreds of years of tradition and history. Indigenous populations from Spain, Germany, Italy and Africa guarantee you will be enjoying rich, flavorful dishes paired with wines from the top vineyards in the world. 

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Hike to Machu Picchu

South America is also very easy to travel to with non-stop flights leaving most major US cities to Buenos Aires, Lima, Sao Paulo and more!  

List of Countries we recommend in South America

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