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Group Vision Planner

Group Travel Specialist, Event Coordinator, Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist, European Travel Specialist

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Since the day Alexie was born she has been in training. Learning from her Mom, Alexie has become an integral part of the business. Born and raised in South Florida, Alexie graduated from American Heritage High School in Plantation and attended college in Boston and Tallahassee before deciding to join her Mom’s business. With over 3 years of dedicated experience, Lexie and her team launched I Do! Romance by SitInMySeats, a subsidiary of SitInMySeats, VIP Tickets, Travel & Concierge Services. Her company specializes in providing the same types of experiences to romantic travel and events of all types.

Alexie’s travels in the last two years include Turks & Caicos, Japan, Italy, Napa Valley, CA, St. Lucia, Greece, and Costa Rica. When not working side by side with her Mom, you will find Lexie at concerts meeting with performing artists and at the newest, hottest and most talked about clubs nationwide!

You can reach Lexy by calling 954-456-0419 or:
Travels with Lexy