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Posted on Lisa Crawford, Travel November 25, 2019 by Lisa Crawford

3 Days in Stunning Santorini

Santorini – The Second Time Around was Better Than the First DAY 1: Welcome to Santorini!     The fast ferry from Mykonos is a quick 2 ½ hour ride. It makes one stop along the way in Paros and then off to Santorini.  I must mention the organized way to board and disembark the ferry.  […]

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Posted on Lisa Crawford, Travel October 23, 2019 by Lisa Crawford

Two Amazing Days in Magical Mykonos 2019

My Time in Magical Mykonos DAY 1: Spetses to Mykonos The Captain had a reason for concern today and decided to give us an early wake-up call.  He said we needed to get to the yacht ASAP.  The forecast was for strong winds to begin kicking up mid-morning which would make for a roller coaster […]

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Posted on Lisa Crawford, Travel September 23, 2019 by Lisa Crawford

A Few Astonishing Hours in Athens, Greece – Summer 2019

A Few Astonishing Hours in Athens, Greece A quick flight, roughly 40 minutes from Zante and we arrived in Athens.  Unfortunately, due to delayed travel plans, we only got to spend a few hours in the beautiful capital of Greece.  I’ve heard so many travel professionals say that Athens is not a place that you […]

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Posted on Lisa Crawford, Travel September 11, 2019 by Lisa Crawford

Travel to Incredible Zakynthos, Greece August 2019

First Stop: Zakynthos, Greece! Zakynthos, Zakinthos or Zante, “it’s all Greek to me”!  Zakynthos is the 3rd largest Greek Ionian island. It is an island of natural beauty, beaches, adventure, culture, countryside, and agritourism and if that isn’t enough let the history and let the music show you the way! Since this was my second […]

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Posted on Lisa Crawford, Travel May 18, 2018 by Lisa Crawford

Do you dream about vacationing at the same amazing place each year?

Click Here   Dreaming of my Vacation in Greece Last Year There are many occasions when clients want to return to their last vacation destination.  My word of advice and what I also tell myself is, why? There are so many places to visit in this world.  Why return; try someplace new and last but […]

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Posted on Travels with Taylor April 24, 2017 by Taylor Deer

Travel Tuesday with Taylor to Mykonos, Greece

It’s Time to Party! Last stop, Mykonos! by Taylor Deer Making Memories in Mykonos After enjoying a relaxing two days in gorgeous Paros, we were fueled up to take the party over to Greece’s most famous cosmopolitan island, Mykonos. This beautiful island features a whitewashed paradise and the best nightlife in the Mediterranean region (along […]

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