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Posted on Lisa Crawford, Travel May 18, 2018 by Lisa Crawford

Do you dream about vacationing at the same amazing place each year?

Click Here   Dreaming of my Vacation in Greece Last Year There are many occasions when clients want to return to their last vacation destination.  My word of advice and what I also tell myself is, why? There are so many places to visit in this world.  Why return; try someplace new and last but […]

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Posted on Lisa Crawford, Travel April 10, 2017 by Lisa Crawford

St. Barts Adventures Day 3

Day 3 in St. Barts, or Paradise as I call it! It’s just another day with you and me in Paradise, or St. Barts! I cannot get this song out of my head as I wake up every morning to the sound of waves breaking down below. Our room is on the 2nd floor and […]

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