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Posted on Travels with Taylor August 22, 2017 by Taylor Deer

Travel Tuesday with Taylor to Chiang Mai, Thailand

Travel Tuesday with Taylor to Chiang Mai, Thailand by Taylor Deer The Most Memorable Time in Thailand I hope you all enjoyed reading about my unique experience road tripping to Chiang Mai. When we finally reached the mountainous city, it was mid-afternoon and we couldn’t wait to relax. After checking into our majestic and traditional, […]

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Posted on Travel January 11, 2012 by Bonnie Balk

Chiang Mai – mystery, culture and overwhelming beauty

Chiang Mai is a city built on the roots of a traditional heritage that dig deep into the soil of time. It’s a city with a beautiful cultural personality of its own. In addition, it’s been blessed with much majestic beauty in nature. The people themselves are an unforgettable part of Chiang Mai. Handicrafts of […]

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