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Living the Good Life in Paros

by Taylor Deer

Experience a Local Greek Island with Me!

Now that you have experienced two Greek hotspots, it is now time to set sail to the heart of the Cyclades Islands – beautiful Paros. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, Paros was definitely my favorite island when I visited Greece last summer. It was nice to travel to a place where the locals vacation and to not be stuck in crazy tourist crowds.

Welcome to Paros, Greece
Welcome to my favorite Greek island, Paros!

The morning we left to go to Paros, we first had breakfast on the beautiful seaside port of Santorini. From there, we hopped on a ferry that sailed through the beautiful Aegean Sea to Paros. The ferry ride from Santorini to Paros was an hour and a half long, so we could catch up on some sleep and enjoy the views.

As our ferry docked, we hopped off and were automatically on island mode. Paros is everything you picture a true European island to be like: charming houses, exotic beaches, peaceful fishing villages, romantic sunsets, serene countryside and full of memorable adventures.

Paradise in Paros!

Our first stop on this amazing island was to Santa Maria Beach. Prior to this trip, I had been to beaches where the water was a beautiful crystal blue. Paros, on the other hand, has the most beautiful aqua-emerald water you will ever see on this planet! Even if you aren’t someone who likes to swim in oceans, rivers or lakes, you will be aching to jump in the water when you arrive on this magical island!

Heaven on Earth – Santa Maria Beach
Heaven on Earth – Santa Maria Beach

Santa Maria is located near the beautiful village of Naoussa in Plastira Bay and offers a golden coastline with a beautiful view of the neighboring island, Naxos. The reason why this beach is perfect is because you can relax and have fun in different ways. There is a great beachside lounge and restaurant called Nava Lounge where you can get family-styled souvlaki and seafood platters. Everyone at my table shared either one of those meals, but I was dying to try the octopus! I got it with delicious mashed chickpeas. It was an amazing first meal on the beautiful island.

Enjoying my Greek octopus lunch!
Enjoying my Greek octopus lunch!

After filling our stomachs, we couldn’t wait to experience the best of Santa Maria! The beach area had sun beds, umbrellas and fun water sport activities. There was even a DJ and a dance area. Since we had a busy morning traveling to the island, we wanted to relax in the warm Aegean sun.

Once I got my beach nap in, I ran into the beautiful water to cool off. The Aegean Sea is very pleasant to swim in since the water temperature is perfect and you don’t have to worry about little critters biting your feet when you walk out to the sandbar. The downside to this beautiful sea is that the water is very salty; so make sure to keep your eyes and mouth closed when you go under. Besides that, the water is amazing and I could’ve stayed in all day!

Since Paros offered plenty of water sports such as windsurfing, scuba diving, paddle boating and boat tubing, we felt that we had to take advantage of one of them. We decided to do boat tubing and had a blast. I felt like I was in heaven. Life was amazing that day!

Our hotel in Paros was right on the sea, so we were able to catch a gorgeous sunset after we took our naps and showers. For dinner, we headed into Naoussa to walk around its stone-paved streets and view the flowered, whitewashed houses and churches. We ate dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant on the water called Hostatria Ristorante Italiano. I enjoyed a nice linguine with seafood dish.

After our fulfilling Italian dinner, we started the night at Saloon D’Or – a fun hookah lounge and cocktail bar. We then headed to the popular club complex of Paros called The Dubliner. When you walk inside of The Dubliner, you have five different legendary bar options. No matter what bar you go to in The Dubliner, you will be sure to have a great time!

The next day was probably one of the best days in my life! (Yes, I am serious. It was that memorable!) After eating a lovely breakfast at our cliffside hotel, we headed down to the dock and set sail for our fun island barbeque cruise.

Sailing Away on The Aegean Sea
Sailing Away on The Aegean Sea!
Sailing Away on The Aegean Sea!

As we were sailing into the crystal clear Aegean Sea, we enjoyed gorgeous views of mountainous islands, fun Greek music and most importantly, each other’s company. Our first stop was on a patch of the most beautiful emerald-looking water I had ever seen. This was the first place on our island excursion where I was able to jump in the water and experience pure bliss! The best day ever!

Sailing Away on The Aegean Sea!
Sailing Away on The Aegean Sea!

Our next excursion led us to the beautiful cliffs of Antiparos – a small, secluded island filled with the most gorgeous ancient caves, archaeological sites and amazing scenery found everywhere. We stopped at a beautiful cove where we were able to swim through caves and jump off of a cliff. I am an adventurous person so you bet I was climbing up that steep cliff. I have to admit that climbing up the cliff was pretty difficult considering none of us had water shoes. It was also very slippery, so you definitely had to climb with caution. There are different jumping points on the cliff, so if you are afraid of heights you can still get the experience.

Travel Tuesday with Taylor to Paros, Greece 1
The best day ever!

After having a blast jumping off of the cliffs and swimming in the caves, we were starving for some delicious Greek barbeque! Our boat captain grilled chicken and pork that was served with homemade pita bread, Greek salad, tzatziki sauce and fresh fruit. We enjoyed our meals with Greek wine and ouzo – an anise-flavored liquor that is similar to Italian Sambuca.

The last stop on our amazing island cruise was to the famous ‘Blue Lagoon’, where the water is a mere five feet and you can see the sea floor. In this area, we were able to dance on the boat, relax in the magnificent sea or swim up to the local beach and sunbathe. This spot is the perfect place to take breathtaking photographs!

The Greek ‘Blue Lagoon’
The Greek ‘Blue Lagoon’

On our way back to the mainland of Paros, we experienced rough waters and heavy winds. As annoying as this may sound, it was actually a lot of fun! (At least for me.) I felt like I was at a waterpark. That day was perfect and I always enjoy thinking back on it.

The night took us back to Naoussa where we ate dinner at an authentic, waterfront Greek restaurant. Afterwards, we headed to Agosta – a Cycladic three-story bar with a rooftop lounge that overlooks the sea. At Agosta, we enjoyed fresh mojitos as we shared many laughs from the day.

My best friend Courtney and I in Paros.
My best friend Courtney and I in Paros.

We ended our amazing two days in Paros by enjoying a lovely crepe breakfast at the sunny port. I recommend everyone who is traveling to Greece to visit my favorite island, Paros. I guarantee you will be just as amazed as I was about this place.

Taylor DeerIf you have any questions regarding my trip to Paros, Greece, please contact me at In the meantime, get ready to party with me in Mykonos next Tuesday!

Happy Travels!


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