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It’s Time to Party! Last stop, Mykonos!

by Taylor Deer

Making Memories in Mykonos

After enjoying a relaxing two days in gorgeous Paros, we were fueled up to take the party over to Greece’s most famous cosmopolitan island, Mykonos. This beautiful island features a whitewashed paradise and the best nightlife in the Mediterranean region (along with Ibiza, Spain).

In Mykonos, you can catch celebrities roaming the glamorous street, Matoyánni, lined with high-end boutiques, charming cafes and world-renowned restaurants. The dazzling beaches attract both a 20-something crowd along with families. In addition, the island has a great history and tradition, so you can find great archeological sites and museums.

Magical Mykonos
Magical Mykonos

The ferry ride from Paros to Mykonos is just short of an hour. Mykonos is just as breathtaking as Paros, except the water is a deeper blue. As we drove around the island to our hotel on the southern coast, we caught groups of friends enjoying the weather on their yachts; animals grazing the coastal cliffs and couples enjoying a windy ATV ride.

Luckily our hotel was right on the premises of the iconic Paradise Beach, so we were in the perfect location to enjoy the world’s best day and night parties. After we settled in, we walked right out to the beach where we sunbathed and jumped in the refreshing water. At the beach bar called Guapaloca, there was a fun toga party going on. Since I don’t get to wake up in Greece everyday, I obviously had to participate!

During the toga party, they had great tropical drinks, a Zumba instructor and a large dance floor. We had a blast laughing at ourselves trying to keep up with the dance moves. There is nothing more memorable than experiencing a real toga party in Greece! Needless to say, our first day in Mykonos was definitely a success.

Greek goddess Taylor saying hello from Paradise Beach!
Greek goddess Taylor saying hello from Paradise Beach!
Little Venice

Later that evening, we headed to one of the most scenic parts of the island called Alefkántra, also known as “Little Venice”. This quaint neighborhood features colorful balconies overlooking the Aegean Sea, marble streets that lead you to the most treasuring parts of the city along with the famous Grecian windmills. Since we were amazed by every sunset we had seen through our trip, we couldn’t wait to experience it at our final destination. As we watched yet another breathtaking sunset, we also enjoyed a lovely Italian dinner at D’Angelo. I ate an amazing linguine with lobster meat dish, it was probably one of the best Italian dinners I’ve ever had!

Enjoying a lovely sunset and a STRONG sea breeze. All laughs and smiles here!
Enjoying a lovely sunset and a STRONG sea breeze. All laughs and smiles here!

After our amazing Italian dinner, we walked around the waterfront and soaked up the lively atmosphere. Shortly after, we headed to Mykonos Town where we bar hopped and then ended the night dancing away at Skandinavian Bar. The variety of craft cocktail options and amazing music by Greece’s famous DJs, make this place one of the top nightclubs in Mykonos. The music at Skandinavian Bar is so good you can easily dance until the sun rises.

After a fun night out, I couldn’t wait to have a relaxing morning and enjoy the refreshing Aegean atmosphere. We started the day grabbing a raw shake from the smoothie bar at our hotel. The fresh fruit and Greek yogurt got us energized for our fulfilling day ahead.

Exploring Mykonos

Whenever I go somewhere, I always take some time to shop around and grab a few souvenirs for my family and I. To take a break from the sun and day parties, I figured we would spend the morning roaming around the colorful town of Mykonos and admire the beautiful architecture and bougainvillea trees.

We stopped in a few locally owned stores and bought gifts for our loved ones back home. Afterwards, we were craving an authentic Greek lunch and stopped at a small and quaint corner café where we enjoyed a wonderful souvlaki platter. Since the town of Mykonos was fairly quiet after everyone enjoyed a fun Friday night, there weren’t many people wandering in the town. This was an advantage for us that day as we were able to meet and connect with the locals. I have to admit that I was pretty jealous of their lifestyle! One of the many reasons why I love Europe is because they know how to take the time to enjoy life and not be on the go all day long like we are here in the States.

Cruise around Mykonos

When we headed back to Paradise Beach, we boarded our afternoon cruise that took us around the entire island. Just like our cruise in Paros, we sailed over gorgeous crystal water and stopped in various locations where we could jump off the boat and swim around.

All Aboard! Myconos Cruise.
All Aboard!

The difference with this cruise is that we got to relax more. It was awesome because the boat had a lounge area where you can climb up a short ladder and lay your towel down. I was able to take one of the most relaxing naps of my life as the sea breeze hit my face and the sun kissed my skin. When I woke up, I was surrounded by a world of beauty.

One of the many highlights of our cruise in Mykonos was our dinner. There were a plethora of options to choose from: grilled chicken and lamb, freshly baked pita, delicious shellfish, a variety of Greek salads and more! The wine was a big hit as well. (When is it not?)

That night, we decided to stay local to the hotel and enjoy the nightlife in Paradise Beach. There was a glow-in-the-dark party going on at the beach bar I mentioned above, Guapaloca. When we arrived at the bar, there was a talented woman airbrushing beautiful artwork on peoples’ bodies. Of course, I wanted to take advantage of this so I opted for a beautiful floral design that perfectly describes who I am – a flower child!

C’est la vie!
C’est la vie!

The DJ played great music at Guapaloca and we had the chance to meet people from all over the world, including Italy, Australia, Germany and England.

After enjoying the glow-in-the-dark party for a few hours, we took the fun over to The Paradise Club – located right next to the beach bar. The Paradise Club is the biggest nightclub in Mykonos and one of the most famous in the world. There are three stages; including an exclusive VIP section, swimming pool and palm trees along with the world’s best DJ’s. We had such a blast dancing to the music. It was the first time I stayed out until the break of dawn since my college years! Every so often, you need a fun night out like that.

The next morning, we packed our belongings, relaxed on the beach and then hopped on our ferry back to Athens. The ferry ride from Mykonos to Athens is around two and a half hours long and the scenery is just as breathtaking as it was during the first two ferry rides. We ended our time in Greece with a lovely dinner in Athens where there was live Greek music. It was the perfect way to end our trip to the Greek Islands.

I hope you all enjoyed my Go Greek for April tour! I cannot believe this was my last blog post on Greece. I definitely believe everyone should travel to the Greek Islands at least once in their lives. Greece is such a beautiful and amazing place. I am planning on going back there within the next five to ten years. Yamas!

Happy travels from Taylor!
Happy travels from Taylor!

Taylor Deer

If you have any questions regarding my two days spent in Mykonos or in Greece in general, please send me an email at

Next week is May already and everyone is planning his or her three-day, Memorial Day weekend. Stay tuned for my next blog tour on the perfect three-day weekend trips you can easily take (anytime) right here in our amazing country!

Happy Travels!


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