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The Perfect Weekend Getaway for Winter Sport Lovers

by Taylor Deer

It’s officially the holiday season and now is the perfect time to think about your winter weekend getaway for Christmas/Hanukkah, New Year’s, Martin Luther King or President’s weekend.

One of the many hobbies I LOVE is skiing in the winter months. I learned how to snowboard when I was 9 years old at a small ski mountain in my town called Campgaw. For some reason, the whole being tied down to a snowboard and not being able to move my legs was not up my alley, so my longtime best friend Julie and her dad taught me how to ski when I was 12 and I fell in love with it! I remember it only took me two and a half days on the bunny slope to finally make my way to the bigger hill. Once I successfully made my way down without breaking a bone, I became hooked and got a season pass.

Travel Tuesday with Taylor to Mount Snow, Vermont 1

Throughout my teens and 20s, I have enjoyed countless skiing memories with Julie along with my college friends. Even if you don’t ski, all winter sports are super awesome to get into and it gives you a reason to look forward to December through early March – months many people dread. This week, I am excited to share my favorite ski getaway to Mount Snow in Dover, Vermont!

Travel Tuesday with Taylor to Mount Snow, Vermont 2

Getting from Mount Snow from the Greater NYC area is around a 3-hour drive, which is awesome! I could even make a day-trip out of it if I wanted to. The closest major airport to Mount Snow is Albany International Airport in New York.

Located in the beautiful Green Mountains of Southern Vermont, Mount Snow offers seven awesome mountains that feature countless trails for all ages and levels. Just like most ski resorts, Mount Snow offers a bunny hill for beginners and young children to learn how to ski. Once a beginner graduates the bunny hill, there are numerous mid-way trails for them to take their ski and snowboard skills to the next level. In addition, there is a snow tubing hill for those who either are not into winter sports or would like to take a break from the mountain.

All of the slopes’ levels of difficulty are based by color and shape. The green circle trails are the easier and flatter slopes; the blue square trails are a little windier, narrow and steeper, making it perfect for intermediate skiers; the black diamonds are mainly steep and narrow, making it a fun trail for more advanced skiers and the double diamonds are for expert ski and snowboarders.

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The Main Face is exactly what its name says. This mountain is where the main ski lift is located that goes from the bottom of the mountain to the  Summit Lodge and The Bullwheel. The Main Face makes it easy for all levels to easily meet up and enjoy the slopes. It is also the mountain that offers learning areas for the Mount Snow Ski & Snowboard School.

Sunbrook is probably my favorite mountain at Mount Snow. This beautiful mountain offers great scenic trails and you can even get the best views of the sunset! I also love this mountain because it is the most quiet and serene. The chairlifts are smaller, so people with large groups and families tend to stay near the Main Face. What is even more awesome is that the chairlifts will play music while you are on them, making it even more of a peaceful adventure. Most of the slopes on Sunbrook are blue squares and there is one black diamond.

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If you are an advanced skier or are just looking for an adventure or thrill ride down the slopes, Northface is the perfect mountain. Many of the trails on Northface are kept un-groomed; you can find moguls if you are looking to ski freestyle and the only double diamond of Mount Snow can be found on this mountain. You can find some of the steepest terrain in the Northeast on Northface. Whenever I come to Mount Snow, I always enjoy going down some of the diamonds on Northface. It usually takes me a few rounds on the blues and greens to make it to this area, but when I am skiing down the terrain, I always have a blast and I enjoy the views of the beautiful evergreen trees the Green Mountains feature.

Travel Tuesday with Taylor to Mount Snow, Vermont 5

If you are looking to pull a Shaun White or get adventurous, Carinthia is the perfect mountain for that. This fun mountain boasts 100 acres of terrain parks with rails, jumps, creative lines, tree-skiing zones and the super pipe. If you are an expert snowboarder and skier, you would love Carinthia! Julie and I will usually do a few rounds in this area, jumping off of the mini jumps and cruising through the half pipe.

In addition to skiing, snowboarding and tubing, Mount Snow also offers snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and hiking. In addition to skiing down the slopes, Julie and I enjoy taking ski breaks to warm up and enjoy a delicious meal or beverage. Since Vermont is on the snow belt, the weather on the slopes can get down to negative 20 degrees on some days. This past year, Julie and I went to Mount Snow during the second weekend in March and it was an average of 11 degrees (talk about chilly). At the base of the mountain is the gift shop where you can grab hand and feet warmers, which I definitely recommend getting!

Travel Tuesday with Taylor to Mount Snow, Vermont 6

Even though Julie and I enjoy sharing stories on the ski lift and slopes, we also enjoy grabbing a delicious Vermont brew at The Bullwheel, located at the Summit Lodge as well as the Station Tap Room, located at the Main Base Lodge. For lunch, we don’t usually like to eat the lodge food, which is mostly burgers, chicken nuggets and pizza, so we like to grab a warm and delicious Belgian waffle with chocolate at Waffle Cabin. Later in the evening, after we are finished skiing for the day, we like to join the party and liveliness at Cuzzins Bar & Grill. This great sports bar has fantastic live music, which gets everyone up and dancing. It is the best way to end the day on the mountain.

Mount Snow offers various lodging and pricing options. The first couple of times I went to Mount Snow with Julie and her family, we stayed in a chalet or log cabin that they would rent. This past year, Julie and I decided to stay on the resort’s premises, which made it easier for us to go to and from the mountain.

Travel Tuesday with Taylor to Mount Snow, Vermont 7

After a fun filled day of skiing, Julie and I would go back to the hotel or house and get ready to enjoy a nice dinner in downtown Wilmington, located 10 minutes from the ski resort. This beautiful New England village offers a warm and welcoming downtown area with colonial houses, gas lamps, great restaurants and fun bars. Every time we go to Mount Snow, we always enjoy having dinner at The Roadhouse – a Vermont farmhouse-inspired restaurant with fresh and local food. In fact, The Roadhouse is the perfect place to warm up on a cold winter’s night. They have a huge stone fireplace that you can sit near and capture the heat; Christmas lights fill the interior; every table has scented candles and the food is delicious and hearty.

When we finish dinner, we usually go to a warm bar that serves amazing craft beer, but we unfortunately found out that it closed last year, so we decided to hit up a few other bars in the downtown area before going to bed. In addition to great dinner places, Wilmington also offers a variety of great breakfast and brunch places to start your day before hitting the slopes. When Julie and I went this past year, we ate a delicious breakfast at a farm-fresh comfort diner called Jezebel’s Eatery. This great place is not like a typical diner that you find in New Jersey off of a highway, it is a farmhouse with warm details and a New England ambiance.

Travel Tuesday with Taylor to Mount Snow, Vermont 8

Overall, I love mini ski trips in the wintertime. It is relaxing, peaceful, a great way to meditate and also stay active and make great memories with friends and family. I love reminiscing on the fun snow days back in high school or college ski nights! In addition to Mount Snow, Haystack Mountain is also in the area as well as Stratton Mountain. Further north in Vermont, you can find some of the East Coast’s best ski resorts such as Killington, Okemo, Stowe, Smugglers’ Notch and more!

Travel Tuesday with Taylor to Mount Snow, Vermont 9

Even though ski resorts out west and in Europe out beat any other ski place, you can still enjoy your favorite winter sport on the east coast’s mountains at these great resorts that I also enjoy going to:

I hope you all enjoyed my first winter blog post on Mount Snow in Vermont. Now is the perfect time to book your winter ski getaway. Email me at or call us today to book your next trip to Vermont’s best resorts or anywhere else you wish to ski this upcoming season!

Happy Travels!


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