Top 10 Travel Tips – With a BONUS TIP!

Posted on Travel Tips March 22, 2016 by Bonnie Balk

Top 10 Travel Tips – With a BONUS TIP!

1. Be adventurous

Vacations are for getting away from the norm, right? That makes them the best time to try new things, meet new people, taste local foods. Why not come home with great stories of skydiving and amazing street food from the locals?

Wake up early.
Wake up early.
2. Wake up early

The day only has so many hours, right? To maximize all the time you have, get up early and get out there to take in all the experiences you can. There are also smaller crowds in the morning if you are headed to a popular location or attraction.

3. Back up everything

This might go without saying, but I figured we should say it anyway. You never know what could happen on your adventures and it’s always a good idea to keep a digital and printed copy of your important documents when traveling.

Take lots of photos!
Take lots of photos!
4. Take lots of photos and keep notes

Of course you’ll want to share all your experiences with the people back home, but it’s also helpful for most to take notes along the way to remember all the little details that might fade away, be overshadowed, or become a blur with everything else.

5. There’s always a way

If there’s something you want to do or see, just ask! There’s always away. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, it just means you haven’t found the right person to make it happen yet.

6. Splurge a little

Budgets are great on vacations but sometimes you just need to indulge when you see something unique or come across a new opportunity to experience something you didn’t expect. If you need to, put a little extra cash into your budget for unknown splurges.

7. Don’t be afraid

The world is not as dangerous as the news might have you thinking. Not everyone outside your home is trying to take advantage or do you harm. Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path every once in a while to take in the natural surroundings that are facinating for the average tourist.

8. Slow down

Contrary to tip #2, don’t try to cram a week’s worth of sight-seeing into one day. You’ll probably just find yourself frustrated and exhausted and end up needing a vacation from your vacation. Take your time and enjoy all that your destination has to offer. Think you’ve got too much planned? Find a way to extend your trip or split your itinerary into two trips. No one visits the US to see the Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, Florida Keys, and the Alamo all in a week. So why would you try to see all of Europe in the same way?

Top 10 Travel Tips – With a BONUS TIP! 1
Break out of your comfort zone…
9. Break out of your comfort zone

Challenge yourself to do things that would normally cause you anxiety. Scared of heights? Go up in a lighthouse. Don’t like talking to strangers? Talk to everyone! Afraid of weird foods? Try the weird food you can find. The more you break out of your comfort zone the more you’ll find those fears will fade away.

10. Pack less

Over packing only slows you down. You probably don’t even need ½ the stuff you’ll end up packing and it’s also usually easy enough to buy something while you’re away if you find that you do end up needing something. Really want to embrace tip #9? Consider trying the “backpack and a credit card” method!

BONUS TIP – Travel more!

OK, I couldn’t resist this one last tip to travel more. It’s amazing how many excuses there are for why people don’t travel more. Worse yet is that most people who wait to travel the world, unfortunately never do.

The fact is, the landscaping project, new car, and yes even the new iPhone, can all wait. The world is a magnificent, amazing, stunning, and exciting adventure just waiting to be experienced!


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