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Posted on Concierge Services January 19, 2016 by Lisa Crawford

Another one of my resolutions this year is to spend less and save more. And of course to invest wisely.

In my quest to accomplish one of my New Year’s resolutions I was pleasantly surprised to come across a very interesting article.  So I am on a journey to present this savvy investment to my husband.  He loves to trade, to save, and to invest. I’ve learned over the years the best way to keep us all happy is to get on the same page as he.  Twenty years later I’m still trying but I recently came across a study and I think this may be the year his wish comes true.  Mine too!!

Study Says Birkin Bag Is a Better Investment Than Stocks and Gold!

Who would have thought? Surely not I but I am so happy to have found these statistics.  According to a luxury online retail platform that specializes in high end designer bags, a Hermès Birkin bag has increased in value more than 500% over the past 35 years as compared to the S&P 500 and/or gold!

My husband, like many husbands I’m sure, clearly knows it all when it comes to investments so why has he never mentioned this one?  Wow, we could have been on the same page a long time ago!!  Look at the time he has wasted in the stock market.  Little does he know that I was just waiting to find the right investment and this year, 2016, I think I found it!   I really cannot wait to tell him all about it!  In fact because of the supply and demand and how hard it is actually to obtain a Birkin, the value of the bag will probably double in 10 years.  Ladies what are we waiting for? Turn that 401(k) into an 802(k)!

I know his initial reaction is going to be, Yeah, right!”  “O.K. Lisa, whatever you say.”  In my business I am always prepared for the objections and this time even more so.  The value of the Birkin has never decreased and has earned an average annual value increase of 14.2% easily outperforming the S&P500. I know my numbers!  He will be so pleased.  He taught me well.

The Birkin bag is by far “the safest and least volatile investment” of the three options listed above.  I agree!  So should he.  And can you believe that even during the recession and times of economic difficulty the Hermès Birkin has never dropped in value? He is going to ask “according to whom”?  I’m prepared.  Evelyn Fox, the founder of this retail online platform told Luxury Daily.  If it was good enough for them it is surely good enough for me!

There will be a record number of Hermès collectors this year.  Move over Louis, get in line Gucci, and Celine, sorry.  The Birkin is now the new status symbol for women. But it is one of the hardest items to obtain and is mostly sold to special clients of Hermès.  Which brings to mind one of my VIP clients and his wish to surprise his wife on her birthday last year.  He is an intelligent man and he understood the value of the investment.  And I think by now you can guess what my task was.  YES to bring him home the Birkin.  I had 6 weeks to get this done.  It would be a wonderful surprise for his wife to be – albeit a pressure cooker for me!  He simply asked, “Can you make her wish come true?”  And of course, I said YES!  My tag line is “Making Wishes Come True”!

What was I thinking?  All I could think of was that giving up wine and getting along with my 25 year old would be much easier! In my business and life in general I have learned that it is not so much about what you know but about who you know and that proved itself true again.  And so the hunt began!

I have a client in Paris who is a very influential CEO of a word wide telecommunications company. I have been assisting him with concierge services and managing his life on his very infrequent trips to Miami.  I immediately reached out to him.  I did not get very positive feedback from him initially.  Instead, I got “Are you nuts?”  Of course with his beautiful French accent it sounded JUST AS HARSH!  A few calls later and I was on the phone with one of the top concierges in all of Paris.  No promises, just let me see what I can do.  Days turned into weeks and my days of worry turned into sleepless nights in Miami.  With 10 days to spare I received a call from Maud.  She was able to obtain a Brique Hermès Togo leather Birkin 35cm with gold-plated hardware, dual rolled handles, hanging clochette with lock and two keys Life was good once again and I couldn’t wait to tell my client.

I also found out that because it is so hard to actually purchase a Birkin, the secondary market is at an all-time high for those unwilling to wait years for the status of owning one.  Andrew fell into that category!  He is not the type to wait for anything!  After 5 years of doing business with him I get it.

With the help of my client in Paris and his concierge contact Maud, I came across a very trusted reseller.  One day later I boarded a plane to Paris and a three days later I was bringing home the Birkin, (you may have read the book by Michael Tonello.)  He too talks about life’s hot pursuit to actually get one in your hands.  I arrived back in the US excited to present!

Her birthday was fast approaching and my client asked us to book his stay at Canyon Ranch in Miami.  And then my creativity kicked in.  Why not have the celebrity cake designer that I know make a Hermes cake in the form of a Birkin?  She would walk in and think that was her gift.  Andrew loved the idea!  And we staged his room with the cake and roses and THE BIRKIN!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!  All’s well that ends well! According to Andrew she slept with her Birkin for the next 5 days (he’s upset with me over that but that’s a whole other story!).

Birkin Bag Birthday Cake
Birkin Bag Birthday Cake

My only regret………  I had no idea about the rate of return!!   Maud where are you? I’m coming back.


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