Integrated Wellness “is the word” in Travel Today

Posted on Health & Wellness, Travel January 15, 2016 by Lisa Crawford

Integrated Wellness “is the Word, is the Word, is the Word“.

So if you are taking the time to read this blog and I am taking the time to write it than I guess none of us are instant billionaires!  For a short time however I think most of us asked the same question, “What if?” I know it was a question that my husband and I asked each other time and time again.  A glimmer of hope in the gloomy month of January.  So what if?

Wellness Travel Itineraries

Well since I don’t have to give that another thought I have gone back to revisiting my New Year’s resolutions.  The one about getting in better shape sticks out like a sore thumb.  The year is still new and January is the most popular month for people wanting to get fit. Just take a look at the local gym!   How long it lasts is up to you!

And the new buzzword is integrated wellness.  Another one of my favorite things.  Add tourism to it and the definition is: travel for the purpose of promoting health and well-being through physical, psychological, or spiritual activities. 

The main emphasis is to seek to improve and maintain healthy lifestyles focusing on prevention. It’s no longer just about getting a good massage rather about how to eat better, sleep better, exercise better and not only at home but on the road!

So straight from the horse’s mouth and the gurus who spoke at the New York Times Travel Show this past weekend, Integrated Wellness is the word, is the word, is the word………  In fact this was the first year that there was actually a pavilion dedicated to health and wellness.

Wellness travelers take  vacations integrating not only physical training at a spa but trail running, hiking, swimming, mountain biking, skiing, rock-climbing……… you get it! Anything enjoyable which can help to deal with stress and anxiety promoting a Zen vibe!

Wellness travel is the fastest growing travel trend for 2016

Wellness travel is the fastest growing travel trend for 2016 however it is a trend that shows no signs of letting up.  From baby boomers to millennials more and more are focusing on adopting healthier lifestyles. In fact this niche market is slated to grow twice as fast as any other sector. And just think about the kids today that are glued to their iPads, phones and TV’s. It’s the year of well-being and integrated wellness is the word!

San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua Private Resort

When I think of wellness travel the first thing that has always come to mind are yoga retreats, fitness camps and spa menus in long distance places like Bali and Thailand. Nothing really that has ever inspired me to get up and go!  After all if I cannot have my one glass, two or three of wine I will feel like I am in a rehab center instead of a spa.  I won’t feel a sense of relaxation but rather a sense of frustration in my hunt for my tool for relaxation, WINE!

Well not anymore and finally I was intrigued enough to not only listen but to vouch to start a health and wellness division of SitInMySeats VIP Tickets, Travel & Concierge Services.

From luxury hotels that offer state-of-the-art body-fat assessments, farms in the mountains that offer Japanese forest bathing, deep healing woods activities and endurance hikes, exotic new spas that offer local healing treatments, business hotels focused on helping travelers maintain a healthy lifestyle on the road, hotel rooms with exercise equipment and cork floors for warriors preferring a private workout, hotel menus, bedding and amenities that are focused on restful sleep, cruise ships with programs dedicated to wellness and even airports with a place to get a 15-minute shoulder and neck massage before boarding a plane along with healthier food options at airport restaurants.

The industry is evolving at a very fast pace and spa menus are getting more and more creative by the minute! I’ve decided to get off the couch, put down my wine glass if only for a week or so and get on my feet!  It’s time to jump on the bandwagon!

The luxury level has seen the biggest growth in wellness tourism and Nicaragua is the next Bali! Emerging markets like Nicaragua, are focusing on health and wellness tied to indigenous techniques.  Aqua Nicaragua is the country’s largest resort, with 48 rooms. You can enjoy yoga, hiking, spinning, surfing, rappelling and chocolate-making classes. Its health-focused menus also include raw foods. Mukul has six spa buildings where guests can get crystal, energy and hammam treatments.

And in my quest to offer something unique I too have chosen Nicaragua to Reset and Retreat.

Join us as we journey to San Juan del Sur.  It will be a 7 day health kick to remember and my team will be hosting this exclusive adventure. With natures best at your doorstep San Juan Del Sur is set between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.  Located in Central America this nation is known for its dramatic terrain, lakes, volcanoes and beaches.

You will be energized to explore with mindful movement classes such as Pilates, Gyrokinesis Aqua Fusion Power Flow, simply stretching, re-alignment and meditation and still days to rest and explore. And you will be staying in your our private Idaho.

Limited availability so call now as we journey into 2016 getting fit and having fun.  

San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua Private Resort

And let’s not forget about the health benefits of moderate alcohol use according to the Mayo Clinic:

  • Reduce your risk of developing and dying from heart disease
  • Possibly reduce your risk of ischemic stroke (when the arteries to your brain become narrowed or blocked, causing severely reduced blood flow)
  • Possibly reduce your risk of diabetes

I guess I’m all set! Call us today at (954) 456-0419 for more information!

Lisa Crawford of SitInMySeats VIP Tickets, Travel & Concierge Services

Lisa Crawford is the founder and CEO of SitInMySeats VIP Tickets, Travel & Concierge Services and can be reached at (954) 456-0419 or email



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