Captivated by Catalonia

Posted on Travel April 25, 2012 by Bonnie Balk

Spain is the land of romance, history, diverse culture and amazing oddities. From bullfights to Gaudi to dancing the night away on Ibiza, travelers could easily spend a year exploring Spain.

Catalonia, Barcelona Spain
Catalonia, Barcelona Spain

Recently, one of the travel professionals at SitInMySeats VIP Tickets and Travel had the amazing adventure discovering just one part of this amazing country along with 30 VIP clients on a private tour! Laura, a past Director of Travel Sales & Marketing has traveled extensively during the past two decades but rates Catalonia at the very top of her list of places “you must go!”. Spending a few days in this amazing seaside region of Spain only “tips the iceberg… could easily spend months dissecting the history, culture, music and culinary offerings and still need to immediately plan a return trip to see all that was missed!”

The capital of Catalonia is Barcelona and it is a costal city oozing charm. From the moment you take the first breath of Barcelona air, you are captivated by the mystery as the very old, the very traditional and the very new, very eclectic collide to make the city itself a fiesta for your senses! The glistening Mediterranean Sea laps against the coast of this amazing city keeping a constant “on tropical holiday” feel even as you’re hustling down a busy street.

Barcelona embodies all of the interesting little oddities of Spain with ancient streets where the local hobby is people watching. If architecture is your thing, Barcelona is a gem. Antoni Guadi lived and worked in Barcelona. Guadi is known for his drip like architecture, which has to be seen to be believed. His legacy can best be found in the Sagrada Familia, the church he was unable to finish before his death. Started in 1882, construction continues to this very day. His strange work will make you stare with wonder and can be found throughout the city.

While the city is constantly being modernized, Barcelona retains its historic charm and flavor. You will fall in love with Ciutat Vella, the old city. Ciutat Vella lies at the heart of Barcelona and retains some of the Roman architectural structures and walls. It truly feels like stepping back in time and you roam the streets taking in the atmosphere.

As most travelers know, the best way to get to know the culture of any place is to eat your way through it. This is especially true in Barcelona, the epicenter of Catalonia. Perhaps it’s because Catalan food is such a good reflection of the culture. The cuisine is simultaneously sophisticated and unpretentious, much like the Catlans themselves. A favorite of Laura’s was the pan con tomate, bread rubbed with tomato, garlic and olive oil. She says “try as I might…I just can’t make it taste the way it tasted when I was in enjoying it in the heart of Catalonia!”

Offering luxurious accommodations, eclectic people, unbelievable cuisine, charming people and a climate that beckons you to stay, Barcelona will delight and surprise even the most seasoned world traveler. Keep in mind, however, that it will be very, very hard to leave once you are captivated by Catalonia!








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