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Hidden Gem Beach Towns

We are all guilty of it; booking those trips to popular places we constantly see on social media and travel magazines. Yes, Santorini, Bali, Phuket, Tulum and Malibu are all stunning beach areas, but what people don’t know is that there are so many hidden gems to discover nearby these hotspots.

Next time you book your beach trip, take time to do some research on some nearby coastal towns. I promise that you will not only see a beautiful area, but you will also get a true taste of what the area’s local culture is like. Also, in all reality, who really enjoys being thrown into a tourist trap? I know I sure don’t! Venturing off to hidden coastal areas is the perfect way to avoid heavy tourism and get to experience the beauty of the area.

Alki Beach, Washington

Just outside of Seattle is the beautiful coastal town of Alki Beach. It is here where you could get the most stunning views of the Seattle skyline, enjoy delicious food on the water and ride you bike around the peaceful, scenic area. As a bonus, you could catch beautiful views of the mountains from the nearby Olympic National Park. Click here to read my blog post on Seattle.

Cascais, Portugal

Located outside the city of Lisbon is the colorful beach village of Cascais. This lovely area not only offers a great beach area to sunbathe and swim, there are also numerous cobblestone streets, cute boutiques and lovely cafes and restaurants to enjoy a delicious Portuguese meal. If you travel to Portugal, definitely make your way to this stunning seaside area. Click here to read my blog post on Portugal.

Fort Saint Elmo, Malta

Malta is a stunning fortress country due to its strategic location and natural harbors. Fort Saint Elmo is a gorgeous seaside area with beautiful lighthouses and adorable forts. Even though the “beach” doesn’t include a sandy area, it is still awesome to sit on the rocks and enjoy the gorgeous sea! The water is a beautiful blue. Click here to read my blog post on Malta.

Balboa Island, Newport Beach, California

Balboa Island in Newport Beach is a charming and peaceful beach town in Southern California. One of my favorite parts of Newport Beach is the pier, which you can walk across and capture gorgeous views of the glistening Pacific Ocean as well as the mountains on the opposite side. Click here to read my blog post on Southern California.

Mystic, Connecticut

Located along the Long Island Sound is the quaint coastal city of Mystic, Connecticut. The downtown area of Mystic includes beautiful New England architecture, great restaurants, cafés, boutiques, gift shops and other small businesses. Not too far from the downtown area are gorgeous seaside villages, such as Esker Point and Noank, where you could take in all of Connecticut’s serenity! Click here to read my blog post on Mystic.

Biddeford Pool, Maine

In close proximity to Portland, Maine is the secluded coastal town of Biddeford Pool. This peaceful area features gorgeous cedar houses as well as a breathtaking rock beach. One of the best aspects of Biddeford Pool is that no matter what time of the year you decide to go there, you will not fall into a tourist trap! If you take the time to stroll through the village, you will find meadow trails that lead to a beautiful white sand beach. Click here to read my blog post on Maine.

Santander, Spain

As most tourists travel to Spain to visit Barcelona, Madrid and the Mediterranean Islands, I love to stress how amazing other places in the country are. Located in the breathtaking Cantabria region is the beautiful beach town of Santander. As the capital of the region, Santander offers stunning plazas, seaside promenades and amazing beaches along the Bay of Biscay. Click here to read my blog post on Northern Spain.

Coquina Beach, Florida

Situated on Florida’s Gulf Coast is the enchanting Coquina Beach. This beautiful beach features miles of shoreline, powdery white sand and tropical palm trees. One of my favorite parts of Coquina Beach was the glistening blue water of the Gulf of Mexico. Click here to read my blog post on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Howth, Ireland

One of my favorite coastal villages in the world is the stunning Irish town of Howth. Located east of Dublin, are stunning sea views and beautiful rolling green hills that you could admire forever! Another reason why I fell in love with Howth is because of all the pastel Irish homes and cottages lines throughout the village. Click here to read my blog post on Dublin.

Ortygia, Sicily, Italy

Located in the Sicilian region of Siracusa is the magical island of Ortygia. This stunning village along the Ionian Sea is known for its ancient ruins and crystal blue waters. It is in Ortygia where you will spot beautiful boats and yachts filled with wealthy businessmen and women from all over Europe. Another amazing aspect to this gorgeous Sicilian island are their dreamy caves filled with wondrous delight. I was so amazed at this place! Click here to read my blog post on Sicily.

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