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Posted on Travels with Taylor February 20, 2018 by Taylor Deer

It’s Time to Dance and Have Fun Around the World

by Taylor Deer

To keep up with this month’s blog trend of listing out my favorite places in the world to enjoy certain activities, I thought I would spice it up and bring you all to the best party places I have traveled to in the world.

Although I have yet to visit Las Vegas, Ibiza, Amsterdam or Rio, I can definitely say I had my fun over the past six years through my travels around the world and throughout the United States. I’ve learned that no matter where you go, there are always a plethora of places to have a great time and dance the night away.

Check out my top 10 favorites cities in the world to have fun in!

15. Baltimore, Maryland

If you are a big sports fan, seafood eater and lover for history, then Baltimore is the perfect city to visit. Not only is this harbor city in Maryland the perfect place to watch a baseball game and indulge at the best foodie spots, it is also a great city to have fun! The Federal Hill area offers a great selection of sports bars, Irish pubs, live music joints, awesome restaurants and so much more! Also, not to mention, the Baltimore area has numerous great breweries and wineries.

14. Boston, Massachusetts

After visiting this amazing city for the first time back in November, I have more than a handful of great reasons to rave about it. No matter what time of the year you decide to travel to Boston, there are so many fun things going on. I definitely recommend staying at The Liberty Hotel, which offers two lively bars, a great restaurant to enjoy a boozy brunch and so much more!

13. Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City is famously known for its towering skyscrapers, beautiful views of Lake Michigan and the oh-so-delicious deep-dish pizza. As we quickly approach March, now is the perfect time to consider a long-weekend getaway to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at one of Chicago’s famous bars or scenic rooftops. Although it is quite cold in the wintertime, Chicago is an amazing city to visit in the summer as you could even enjoy a day on the water!

12. Lisbon, Portugal

Just like the rest of Southern Europe, Lisbon runs on a late schedule and is considered to be a nightlife amusement park. Whether you are looking to grab a cocktail at a fancy hotel bar, dance the night away at a world-famous nightclub, enjoy a beer at a pub or have fun at the beach, there is something for every partygoer in Lisbon.

11. The Jersey Shore, New Jersey

There is no better place to have fun in the summertime than at the Jersey Shore. Whether you are enjoying a beach party during the day in Long Branch, Point Pleasant Beach or Atlantic City or are dancing the night away (as the ocean crashes along the shore in the background) in Asbury Park, Seaside Heights, Long Beach Island or Cape May, you will be sure to have an amazing time!

10. St. Julian’s, Malta

As the primary location of the annual Isle of MTV, which I was lucky enough to visit during the time of year this event was happening, St. Julian’s in Malta is surely a great time. This seaside town is known for its tourism-thriving hotels, top-of-the-line restaurants, nightclubs, beach bars and so much more!

9. Los Angeles, California

Known as the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles is home to some of the world’s best nightclubs. In addition to nightlife, this major Southern California city also has great brunch spots, rooftops and beach bars. You might even catch a celebrity sighting as well!

8. Bangkok, Thailand

Looking to relive Hangover 2 in a classy and cultural way? Bangkok, Thailand is definitely the place to go! The nightlife in the capital Thai city has evolved in many different ways over the years. Nowadays, you can find trendy cocktail bars, swanky rooftops and so much more!

7. Nashville, Tennessee

Replacing Las Vegas as the new Bachelor/Bachelorette destination, Nashville in Tennessee is not only the capital of country music, but it is also home to some of the best live-music joints. Nashville’s famous Broadway, otherwise known as Honky Tonk Row, offers live entertainment and around-the-clock bar services no matter the time of year or weather.

6. New Orleans, Louisiana

Home to the world-famous Mardi Gras celebration, New Orleans is the place where everyone could find their “fun”. Between the nightclubs on Bourbon Street, the adorable courtyard cafés on Royal Street, the jazz and piano bars on Frenchman Street and being able to bring your drink wherever you go, makes the Big Easy the place for everyone to have fun.

5. New York, New York

In New York City, you have to expect that the nightlife is going to be amazing. Between the five boroughs, Hoboken and Jersey City, NJ, there are thousands of places to dance the night away, enjoy a good drink with friends, have a delicious brunch and savor the weather on a rooftop.

4. Miami, Florida

When it comes to partying, Miami offers the best dusk-till-dawn beach bars, nightclubs, rooftops and so much more. Whether you are rocking your favorite dance moves in South Beach or enjoying a mimosa on a rooftop in Brickell City Centre, you will be sure to enjoy your time in Miami.

3. Dublin, Ireland

With the amount of pubs Dublin city has to offer, you bet this makes it one of the top party destinations in the world. Although Ireland does have some nightclubs; just like many other Northern European cities, the pub culture is what keeps the Irish capital rocking all day and night!

2. Mykonos, Greece

If you are looking to experience a raging party scene, then Mykonos in the Greek Islands is by no doubt the place to go! When I traveled to Mykonos in 2016, I stayed right on the premises of Paradise Club, which brings in renowned DJs and celebrities from all over the world. During the day, there are several beach parties (including toga parties!!!) to enjoy on the beautiful island and at night, the clubs get real! Even if you aren’t the biggest party person, there are several private and secluded beaches to enjoy and the town of Mykonos features the most beautiful of Cycladic architecture to admire for days.

1.Any Major City in Spain

Out of all of the places I have traveled to so far, Spain definitely offers the ultimate party scene. Between the people, music, drinks and atmosphere, you will be sure to have an amazing time in this country. The island of Ibiza, located in the Mediterranean, may be the party capital of the world, but you will still experience the best of Spanish nightlife in Salamanca, Madrid, Barcelona, the Canary Islands and almost everywhere else!

Looking for a fun spring break destination for this upcoming year, email me at or call us today to book your next ultimate party getaway! We will make sure you have a great time.

Happy Travels and Cheers to Good Times Ahead!


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