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Activities You Cannot Leave Greece Without Doing

Greece has become a hotspot within the travel industry over the past few years. From friend groups to couples and families to those traveling solo, everyone has fallen in love with this beautiful country!

If you are planning a Greece trip anytime soon, below are “must do” activities before you leave:

Go Back in History

Most likely when you fly to Greece, you will first fly into Athens. Even though most people only have an interest in heading to the beautiful islands; Athens is still an important and amazing place to see.

Over 2,500 years ago, Athens was one of the most significant cities on Earth. When you visit Athens, you definitely have to see the Stadium of Olympia, Arch of Hadrian and the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Located in the same area is the incredible Acropolis where you can see the famous Parthenon. Being in front of this magical site was awesome as it felt like my middle and high school history books came to life in front of me.

Party on a Rooftop

When you are in Athens, a great way to enjoy the beautiful Greek weather is by savoring a delicious souvlaki platter (meat on a skewer with fresh pita on the side) with a refreshing beverage on one of the cities swanky rooftops. Located in the lively Monastiraki Square are wonderful restaurants and rooftop bars where you can catch a gorgeous sunset as well as amazing views of the Acropolis. Some of my favorite places were A for Athens and 360 Cocktail Bar.

Visit a Black Sand Beach

Located throughout Greece are several beaches that are composed of volcanic sand. This fresh black sand is absolutely gorgeous and makes the beautiful sea color stand out. During my time on the island of Santorini, I visited Perivolos Beach right on the Aegean Sea. I absolutely loved this beach as it offered amazing views of the mountains and had lounge chairs and bamboo umbrellas to relax in the sun.

Watch a Sunset

The sunsets in Greece were some of the best I’ve ever seen in my life. No matter where you go in Greece, you can always find a breathtaking sunset (or sunrise) with a view. Some of my favorite places to view the sunset in Greece were on the cliffs of Firá and Oia in Santorini. I also loved the coastal sunsets in both Paros and Mykonos. One of my favorite sayings is “Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully.”

Taste Wine at a Cliffside Vineyard

One of my favorite excursions in Greece was doing a wine tasting at a gorgeous vineyard on the cliffs in Santorini. Venetsanos Winery offers a breathtaking view overlooking the caldera on the crescent-shaped island. To top it all off, the wine was absolutely amazing! You could only imagine how dreamy it was to be making memories at this place.

Attend a Greek Wedding Show

Another great activity to participate in during your time in Greece is attending a Greek Wedding Show. To be honest, I remember not knowing what to expect prior to attending the show, but it ended up being one of the most fun times in my life! We danced around, ate amazing food, drank delicious wine and even got to participate in their tradition of breaking plates against the floor.

Do an Island Boat Tour

If you are looking to have the time of your life in the most stunning areas in the Greek Islands, then I highly recommend going on an island boat tour. It was during my time on the beautiful island of Paros where I was able to enjoy a day of pure bliss on the Aegean Sea. It is on these beautiful boat tours where you are able to jump in the glistening blue waters and enjoy a lovely swim. You could also find underwater caves and jump off of cliffs. It is a lot of fun!

Dance at a Real Toga Party

During my time on the fun island of Mykonos, I am proud to say that I attended my first real toga party! Located at Paradise Beach Resort, there are always fun themed parties going on and I just so happened to go on the day where they had togas! I had such a blast dancing around in my toga and to top if off, the beaches in Mykonos were absolutely gorgeous!

Stroll through the Colorful Villages

The most scenic part of Mykonos is in the area of Alefkántra, also known as “Little Venice”. This part of the island features colorful houses, beautiful flora and scenic windmills. It is in “Little Venice” where you could find amazing restaurants, fun bars, quaint cafés, cute boutiques and so much more!

Indulge in the Best Gyros and Baklava

No matter where you go in Greece, you could always find an amazing place to indulge in the country’s favorite treats – gyros and baklava! Whether you like, lamb, chicken, pork or beef gyros, the restaurants and side stands in Greece know how to wrap up something amazing for your taste buds. The best gyro and baklava I ate at during my time in Greece was from a side stand in Athens. Just thinking about these two foodie gems is currently making my mouth water!

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