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The Perfect Mother’s Day Getaways

When it comes to Mother’s Day, I firmly believe that buying experiences over things is the way to go. Last year, I created a Mother’s Day Gift Guide on various ways you could give your mom the perfect day while making cherishing memories. (Click here to read my Mother’s Day Gift Guide from last year.) This year, I decided to dive a little deeper and provide some great travel destinations that you could enjoy with your mom anytime throughout the year!

My mom and I are besties and we pretty much do everything together; from tasting different wines at various vineyards and enjoying our favorite Broadway plays, to going to the mall and enjoying a lovely tapas dinner. Even though we still bicker here and there (Who doesn’t?), I still love spending time with my mom!

Today on the blog, I am so excited to share 10 amazing travel destinations you could create memories in with your mama! Check them out below.

Mystic, Connecticut

Mystic is a quaint town situated on the Connecticut coast. It is here where you could enjoy fine dining, get your shopping fix in and explore the gorgeous seaside villages. When it comes to a mother-daughter’s day, Mystic is the perfect town to create loving memories in. Click here to read my blog post on Mystic.


Malta is a small and quaint fortress country located in the Mediterranean Sea between the island of Sicily and the African continent. Between strolling through the quiet streets of Mdina; admiring the Queen’s gardens in Melita; experiencing the liveliness of Valletta; exploring the forts of St. Elmo and enjoying a lovely meal and drink on the water in St. Julian’s, you and your mother will fall in love with this stunning country! Click here to read my blog post on Malta.

Southern California

What is there not to love about Southern California? Between gorgeous weather year-round; scenic beaches in Orange County; fun neighborhoods in San Diego and award-winning wineries in Malibu, SoCal is the perfect destination to enjoy with your mom. Click here to read my blog post on Southern California.

Seattle, Washington

Another amazing destination to travel to with your mom is the beautiful Pacific Northwest city of Seattle. Between the city’s most beloved public market, quaint coffee shops, gorgeous parks and breathtaking nature, you can’t go wrong in the Emerald City of the USA! Click here to read my blog post on Seattle.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is the perfect city for a mother-daughter getaway as it features charming neighborhoods such as Beacon Hill; amazing restaurants and hotels like The Liberty Hotel; famous and iconic bars such as Cheers and beautiful parks. Click here to read my blog post on Boston.

Hudson Valley, New York

The Hudson Valley of New York is a stunning area that offers wonderful activities for you to enjoy with your mom. These activities consist of hiking, tasting the best wines, indulging in delicious food and participating in wonderful yoga adventures. Click here to read my blog post on New York’s Hudson Valley.

Sicily, Italy

Sicily is a beautiful island off of Italy that offers the best cuisine, stunning beaches, an active volcano and quaint cities that you will fall in love with. Last year, I visited Sicily with my friends and went to Palermo, Céfalu, Taormina, Catania, Siracusa, Ragusa and Mount Etna. Sicily also makes a great place to travel to with your mom and you will definitely leave with amazing memories to last a lifetime. Click here to read my blog post on Sicily.

Montréal, Quebec

As the city with the second largest French-speaking population, you easily feel like you’re in another world. I love Montréal for so many amazing reasons; some of them include poutine, old-world architecture, great entertainment and may I mention – gorgeous men (LOL). Montréal is the perfect place to travel to with your mom and I highly recommend doing a maple tasting while you are there. You both will love it! Click here to read my blog post on Montréal.


Santorini, Greece

Another amazing place to make memories with your mom is on the beautiful crescent-shaped island of Santorini, Greece. Between scenic black sand, red sand and pebble beaches; breathtaking cliffside villages; unreal sunsets; Cycladic architecture and amazing wine there is nothing you and your mama won’t love about this amazing place! Click here to read my blog post on Santorini.

Banff, Alberta

One of the most beautiful places in the world is situated right in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Located in the province of Alberta, Banff National Park features unparalleled mountain scenery, fun adventures and an adorable downtown area. There is nothing more perfect than enjoying the wonders of this gorgeous national park than with your mom! Click here to read my blog post on Banff.

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Have a beautiful and Happy Mother’s Day everyone!



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