St. Bart’s Thrill Ride Arrival

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I always thought about putting together a list of my favorite things and after landing in St. Barth yesterday I think it’s time to start!

St. Bart’s, St. Barth or St. Barthelemy.  The different names you will hear when people refer to fairyland.  It’s a place that has been on my bucket list since the age of time.  If you know me then you also know I do love the finer things in life and you also know that I work 24/7 to get them!  And St. Barth is one of the finer things in life!  It’s a world of people who are in the know, the well-traveled, the well-heeled.  It’s the island of beautiful people, jet setters and celebs and anyone else that can afford to be here!  It’s high end yet laid back fashion with all the known designers and unknown as well.  You immediately know it’s a French island since that is the primary language spoken with English secondary.  And even though it is a owned by France, it still has its own mayor who runs it as he sees fit.  It works!  No crime whatsoever! And most of their tourism, over 80% of it, comes from the US.

There have been many times that I have booked in the past and then cancelled.  I’m a chicken when it comes to planes and the only way to get from St. Marten to St. Barth in 10 minutes is to hop on a prop.  You can opt to take a 40-50-minute rough ferry ride as well.  But I’m traveling with my daughter and she said prop!! So, as her Mom I would be brave!

Then I saw the plane and the rest is history.  I sat in a nine-seat plane with other brave travelers and we took off…

…And then the landing-you literally go over a mountain and skydive down between 2 mountains and land on a very small runway.  It’s quite a thrill ride but at least it’s only 10 minutes long!! Before you know it, you’ve arrived into St. Barth.

Stay tuned for more about my trip to St. Barth!

Love, Lisa

Check out this video from Matt Guthmiller. It’s 3:59 long…


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