Santorini, Greece Private VIP Photoshoot

Enjoy your Private VIP Photoshoot on the spectacular island of Santorini in Greece!

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What to Expect

Choose between dozens of gorgeous, flowing dresses and the spectacular views of Santorini for your photoshoot! 

You will be pampered with incredible photographers, videography, makeup & style. Nothing will be left to chance. Just relax, enjoy the experience, and return home with the most incredible photos.

Choose a Sunset or Sunrise Option

Santorini Greece Photoshoot Tour Option

Sunrise Photoshoot

In the morning the lighting has a higher contrast so all the colors look brighter and more saturated. 

The sky also looks bluer and all other colors pop too! 

You and your dress along with the amazing blue of the sky and sea will be crisp, clear and gorgeous.

Sunset Photoshoot

In the afternoon before the sunset, the lighting is milder. 

The sun is lower and when you are taking pictures with the caldera and sea background it stays behind, so you don’t get shadows on your face and it’s easier to look into the camera with fully opened eyes and without blinking.

Also, if the weather is good, sunset pictures are an amazing idea since it’s always a special golden time of the day.

Santorini Greece Photoshoot Tour Option

Return home with memories that last a lifetime!

Private VIP Photoshoot in Santorini 2

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