Take it Further & Elevate your Senses

Posted on Health & Wellness, Travel July 22, 2016 by Bonnie Balk

Take it Further

Elevate your senses

Wellness travel changes lives, and it’s all about rejuvenation! It’s travel for the purpose of promoting health and well-being through physical, psychological, or spiritual activities. It’s no longer just about getting a good massage rather about how to eat better, sleep better, exercise better and not only at home but on the road!

Take it Further with Wellness TravelWellness travelers take vacations integrating not only physical training at a gym or spa but trail running, hiking, swimming, mountain biking, skiing, dietary changes……… you get it! Anything enjoyable which can help to deal with stress and anxiety promoting a Zen vibe!

Beyond physical fitness, there are many types of wellness travel vacations like a Mayan detox in Mexico, zip-ling and hot springs in Costa Rica or a wine valley hike in Napa. You’ll recharge emotionally while getting back in shape and decreasing stress all while enjoying the type of activities you love, or the ones on your bucket-list.

Many hotel chains worldwide have also answered the wellness call with rooms dedicated to your wellbeing with offerings like wake-up light therapy, air purification systems, living walls, in-room training zones and celebrity fitness trainers. Wellness resorts have also created programs focusing on stress-reduction which interweave nutrition, fitness, medical programs and better sleep for the stressful business executive.

On your marks-get set-GO!  Call us today for more information about the best places for your next retreat!

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